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Why I Chose This Quote...

"Reading is dreaming with open eyes...."

I chose this quote because it is true. When you read your imagination can run free, and go anywhere. It's like taking a trip without even leaving your seat. When you read a book you can imagine all the characters, and you might even feel like your apart of the story (like in a dream). Reading a book can create vivid images in your head, and that's what makes it seem so real, and very often, exciting!

About Me!

Reading is a good hobby of mine. I love to sit down with a good mystery, or story based on history, especially ones about the beginning of America. I also really enjoy to try to solve the mystery when reading that type of genre! It's fun, and helps you understand the book a bit better!

Every once in a while I also enjoy to read creepy stories. Even though they can be scary at times, they are so interesting, and often, are really good!

Overall reading is a favorite of mine, and wish I could do it more often!

-10 Things About Me As A Reader-

1.I love mysteries.

2. I don't like science-fiction.

3.I'm a slow reader.

4. Scary stories are the best.

5.I like reading stories based on history.

6. I stop reading a book at the beginning if I don't like it.

7.I like to find characters I can relate to.

8. I can't read with others around be noisy.

9. Books open my imagination.

10. I like when books teach me something.

Song Now Playing

The song that expresses how I feel about reading is All You Need Is Love, By The Beatles. The reason I chose this book is because I like the message of the song and parts of the lyrics go along with how I feel when I read a book. I also chose it because it is soothing, and calm, which is how I also feel when I read!
All You Need is Love- The Beatles (Studio Recording)

-My Latest Blog Entry-

The book I have currently been reading (re-reading for the second time) is Moonwalk by Michael Jackson. It is an autobiography about his life that explains when he was young to his solo career! I really enjoy this book because gives good detail, and tells an amazing story!

The last book I read was Pretty Little Liars, which was really great. It is a good story line, but also leaves you confused at times. It is somewhat of a eerie mystery story which I love! It tells about the life of a couple of friends, and there supposed to be "dead friend" Ali. It ends with them getting a creepy/strange message from -A. I definitely would read it again!

My Interests and Favorites!

A lot of my hobbies reflect into what I will read. So, when I watch a documentary with my dad about history, I will read a book based on history. I get a lot my favorite genres from my dad, and my love of reading from him in general. I also watch lots of mystery shows, which is why I love mysteries!

Some of my favorites are Moonwalk, Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, and Wonderstruck. They are all pretty different, but still are amazing, and I love to read them! I also really like books that talk about events in history, or are based on true stories!


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-Where To Go To Find More Books-

Finding books can be hard, but I use the website below and it works great! All you have to do is type in your favorite book/author and it gives you great suggestions on what you should read next! The books are based on your preferences, so you should never be disappointed!

Author Research

Did you know that John Green is a YouTuber? Well, he is!

John was born August 24, 1977. He is best known for his best selling books Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, and The Fault In Our Stars. As a child, John lived in Orlando, Florida, but he later went to a boarding school in Birmingham by choice. He then later graduated from Kenyon College, and moved to the city. That's when he started writing his first book.

John Green is a very humorous writer, so, he writes for young adults. But, often he does write about sadder subjects, like in his book The Fault In Our Stars, about two teens with cancer. Some things many people don't know about John is he did not do well in school, because he didn't read book assignments, instead he read his own favorite books. This is how he adopted his type of writing. He also is a YoutTuber, so he uses lots of humor, this is why he uses it in his books. John also has fans that call them Nerdfighters, because of John's embracement of being weird, or geeky. Many people also believe that there isn't anything John can't do because of all his talents. He has also won multiple awards, making him a big success, with many fans.

John Green appeals to so many teens because he uses humor, and his subjects can be related to by many. He has multiple messages because he writes on different subjects, but that is what makes his writings unique, and well liked.

"Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting." -John Green

Overall, John is one of my favorite authors, and is well liked by many others. He always surprises you with new writings, and never leaves you disappointed. Even though if you have never met him, you feel as if though you have known him your whole life.

Visit His Website!



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