Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Bordonaro

September 19th -23rd

Language Arts

We are continuing our first unit: Government at Work

Close Read: Getting a message to George Washington

Focuses for this week:

- Author's Purpose: why would the author write this passage/section (to answer, explain, or describe)

- Compare and contrast the most important points presented by two texts on the same topic

- Finding meaning of words through context clues


Unit: Place Value

Focus: Writing numbers in standard form, with models, in a place value chart, and in expanded form

For example:

Standard form: 72

With Models: lllllll..

Note: We use [] for 100s, l for 10s and . for 1s

Place Value Chart: 7 tens 2 ones

Expanded form: 70+2

School/Home Connection:

Give your student a number in any of the above forms, see if they can do it in of the other forms. For example, tell them that you have 6 tens and 8 ones, they will then write it in standard form (68), Models (llllll::::), and expanded form (60+8)

ELA Skill

Skill: Collective Nouns

School/Home Connection: Give your student a noun and have them tell you the plural. Be sure to give them regular and irregular plurals (collective nouns)


Genre of writing: Opinion

Close Read Connection: Getting a Message to George Washington

Prompt: After reading Getting a Message to General Washington, do you think Tom was brave to bring the letter to General Washington?


Phonics Focus: sounds that make long a

/ai/ (rain, pain, plain, fainted, sailing)

/a/ (baby, bacon, basic)

/ay/ (play, subway, today, Sunday)

/ea/ (great, steak, break)

We wil also spiral review long a phonics patterns taught in 1st (a_e)

High Frequency Words: he, like, little, no, of, saw, this, to, we, with

**High frequency words are words that don't necessarily follow a phonics pattern. They have also been known as word wall words in the past.

Important Dates

  • September 26: Picture Day

Working Hard

Our Class Has a Big Heart

Making cards for our sweet Kendall S. as she recovers from eye surgery. We miss you and look forward to having you back really soon!

Math Symbaloo

This link has typing practice, math, reading, and more. Everything is in one place and easy to use!