friend wanted !!!!!

by: gio

what i want in a friend

i want a friend who is enthusiastic who is fun caring funny. i want a friend who is not afraid to get into trouble

discription of the job

you have to be a great friend. willing to take care of me willing to make me happy and you have to be ow nest i want you to be nice and not a back stabber. just have fun with me. That is what i'm looking for.

things that are going to be hard about the job!

getting my trust will be hard of course u will have some trust right from the start but you will have to gain all of it by proving i can trust you. another thing might be helping me when i am emotional. i would like a friend who would help me out and not leave me to cry.

things that are going to be easy about the job

being my friend :) making me smile , making me laugh, having fun :) experience things with me and going on adventures.

rewards from having the job

you will have a new friend. someone to hangout with and spend your time with. you will have someone who will have your back and take care of you when you need to be taken care of. ;)

and you will have me to entertain you cause i like to entertain.