Drugs + Us = Not Good

We Don't Need Drugs

The Horrors of Drugs

Today in the US 17% of high schoolers drink, Smoke, and or use drugs during school day. The reason for this is that through media a lot of actors, singers, and ect. are seen using drugs. Due to this ,and the rise on of peer pressure, more and more kids are seen using drugs. This is quite bad as drugs contain chemicals that make them addicting so kids cant stop using them, at least not very easy. To add on even more damage they can cause life threatening diseases such as cancer and other diseases seen below

Do you know some one who uses drugs?

Drug use usually starts with peer pressure or media. Cause of this a lot of kids think its okay to do these. Well it not. If you do please contact a parent, teacher, or young adult. The same goes if you use drugs. In reality it ruins lives of users and the people they love, such as causing illusions which will affect peoples behavior and there health and can hurt and worry others and those around them. Its even worse through withdraw as most people who suffer drug abuse will do anything to get there next hit from there drugs. There is a way though to stop this. If you do suffer from drugs please contact Bellefonte Behavioral Health Center, Odyssey Inc, and/or The Huntington Treatment Center. If not this then contact a parent, guardian, or any responsible adult. This also includes if you see some one else use drugs. So please stop before its so late.