Emperor Penguins


Emperor Penguins are non-flying birds that live in the South Pole. They are the size of seals and are black and white like other penguins. They are one of the most well known species of penguins and are also the largest.

Physical Features

Emperor Penguins are black and white around the body and have touches of yellow and black around the neck. They also have pouches They have a pair of wings that are covered in feathers to keep them warm. When it is extremely cold they huddle together to keep warm. When they get tired of walking they get on their bellies and start sliding. Like other penguins, the emperor penguin does not fly. Instead, it swims by beating its flippers. They are known as fast creatures in the water.

Unlike the chicks turn out to have grey and white feathers

The adult penguins are approximately 1 metre tall and weigh about 45 kilograms. Out of the 17 different species of penguins Emperor penguins are the largest. It can live up to 20 years.