President Andrew Jackson

Zero not a Hero

Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency, two tariffs were passed, the Tariff of 1828 and Tariff of 1832. The North didn't mind the Tariffs because they encouraged people to buy American goods; the South hated the Tariffs because they were dependent on imported goods. South Carolina were sick of paying extra money so they decided to nullify the Tariffs. Even though South Carolina had no right to do that, the way Jackson and Congress handled this problem was unreasonable. When South Carolina threatened to secede, Congress passed the Force Bill, which allowed Jackson to use the military to force South Carolina to pay their taxes.

Jackson wanted to change the way the US was governed and wanted it to be beneficial to the common man. South Carolina is full of common men and they have a problem, why isn't Jackson doing anything to make them happy? To make things even more chaotic, Jackson threatened to hang the leader of South Carolina, his own vice president!

If it weren't for Henry Clay making the 1833 Compromise Tariff -It lowered the tariff, but they still had to pay money nonetheless-, things would have really gotten out of hand.

Spoils System

President Jackson used the Spoils System. He rewarded everyone who supported him with important jobs, like being apart of his cabinet. Although he is exposing more common people to office, it is not a good idea to fire the previous occupants of their jobs. They might have more knowledge and experience in politics than the new people President Jackson is giving high ranking positions to. This is also a disadvantage to people who are running again him, and is unfair. A person may think another candidate is more suitable for the responsibility as president, but when they hear Jackson using the Spoils System to encourage people to vote for him, they would probably take advantage of that.

In the end, it all comes down to who does the best for America and who can hear the people's problems and take care of it in a way that most people are satisfied. Does President Jackson satisfy not only people of America, but neighboring people?

Trail of Tears

It is obvious that President Jackson dislikes the Native Americans that settle near and around the borders of the US, but what have they done? The natives have lived in that area for many years before Americans took over; don't they have the right to say that the land is theirs? They are a very intelligent and developed group of people and they don't deserve to be called savages. They have a society and interesting culture. The Native Americans have to adjust to the American way of life by wearing their clothes and learning their language. Georgia has no right to force them out of their land. John Marshall said that the Natives Americans should be recognized as a separate nation and can't be forced out of their land. What does President Jackson do? He ignored the court's ruling and continued with his plans to "remove" the natives. He doesn't have the decency to acknowledge the natives and give them a little respect. The Trail of Tears was a long and hard journey. President Jackson promised the Natives food, transportation, a doctor and as well the US army to escort them to their new location. Instead, the natives only got the transportation and the escort. Thousands of Native Americans died due to starvation, sickness, exposure and other reasons.

King Jackson

Jackson is a tyrant. He ignores the court's ruling and makes his own choices.