Ward Oliver Giles

Father to Maya Giles - Grade 1, Mme Ibrahim et Mme Benning

International Abduction Concern

As far as Maya's mother is aware of Mr. Giles' present whereabouts, he is in Belize, Central America and maintains VERY strong ties to that country. This is the primary reason for fear of an international abduction.

Physical description of Ward Oliver Giles:

Date of birth: March 18, 1970

Height: 5'11"
Weight: approximately 175 lbs
Hair: grey, but balding
Eyes: blue
Distinctive markings: 3 tattoos, one on his chest of a heart with flowers, one large one on his arm from shoulder to elbow and another large one covering half of his back
Facial: he is known to be either clean shaven or will carry a full beard and mustache

Other pertinent information

No one in his family is entitled to inquire about Maya and no one except his mother (Rayette Giles) and her mother (Sharon Perrault) is allowed to pick her up.

While Ward Giles may retain joint custody at present, he must prove parenthood, in writing, in order to inquire about her. He is not allowed to pick her up from school. Should he attempt this, please call Rayette and the police.

École Varennes

Joanne DeCruyenaere, Principal

Sharad Srivastava, Vice-principal