Bottle Project of Sam Houston

By Gage Wilson

Sam Houston who is he?

He was the general of Texas in the battle of the Alamo.He lead Texas and he was the first president of Texas.He also captured Santa-Anna of the year 1836.Thats also when they sighned The Treaty Of Velasco

What did he do?

He lead the war for us to be independant.So that we could understand what people were saying,because nobody could understand the mexicans.So if someone was saying something important we would know what they were saying,like if something bad happened we would know what happened.

When he died and was born

He was born in march 2,1793 and he died in July 26,1863

Early childhood

He spent his early years at Rockbridge County, a Virginia frontier community

His School

Sam Houston went to Texas ATM university.

How he's a romodel

Because he was first general of Texas.