BHMS Weekly Paws Pamphlet

August 12, 2019-August 16, 2019

Reengaging the Village

At BHMS we have decided to exhibit CPRS: Consistent, Pride, Respectful, and Supportive. In order for this to occur, we must remember that our focus and goal is on doing what is best for our students. If we are putting our students first and remaining professional then the village is one that will thrive and be prosperous. I challenge each of you this year to commit to providing the instruction in your classroom that you would like for your own child (or niece/nephew) to receive. Let's commit to reengaging the village and motivating our students to learn.


Please remember to accurately take student attendance in each class period. It is vital that we know which students are in our building each day.

When signing a hall pass in the agenda for students, please make sure that they have properly filled out the hall pass stating their destination. Students must have a hall pass to leave your class room.

Please continue to use the Ipad located in the office suite to sign-in and out each day.

Please make sure that you are utilizing Educators Handbook to document both minor and major discipline concerns. The hall monitors should only be utilized to remove students from classrooms when there is a major incident.

We will begin our class change rotation this week. You will find student copies of the rotation schedule in your mailbox. Please pass this out to your home base students and go over it with them so that they understand the new process. The schedule is also attached.

Please email any item that you would like for Dr. Nash to include in the announcements by 8:00 each morning. Email is the most efficient way for getting the announcements read.

"AYEE, Aight!!!"

The administrative team has been out and about and has noticed a lot of great things happening in our building. Kudos to the following staff members:

-Ms. Durham for giving her students jobs/roles in the classroom, modeling the Leader in Me principles.

-Ms. Parker for perfecting her dismissal procedures.

-Ms. Hagins, Ms. Hefner, and Mr. Jacobs for leading the grade book PL on Wednesday.

-Ms. Pinkard for creating an engaging lesson utilizing the game show Deal or No Deal.

Free Lunch Monday....

In honor of your hard work and dedication. We will provide the staff with pizza for lunch this Monday, August 12, 2019. Our first week was great and we know that the best is yet to come. Thanks for all that you do for our students. Let's keep pushing.

Jeans on Fridays!

Just a reminder that there are a few options for you to wear Jeans on Fridays:

Option 1: Purchase the REACH for Jeans Pass to support our local middle school students. Remember a student from each Middle School in the district will receive a $10,000 college scholarship. The cost is $25 for a booklet of 5 passes. See Mrs. Brezial.

Option 2: Become a member of the Sunshine Committee. The cost for certified staff members is $40 and the cost for classified staff members is $25. See Mrs. Brezial

Option 3: Pay $2.00 each Friday that you decide to wear jeans. See Mrs. Brezial

Intervention Schedule

The intervention schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday- Bus Safety Presentation (emailed by Mr. Allen)

Tuesday- ELA strategies building wide

Wednesday- Math strategies building wide

Thursday- Social Studies focus building wide

Friday- Science focus building wide.

Big picture


The data above displays the information regarding hoodies in the building. The majority has stated that 1. hoodies should be allowed in the building; 2. hooded jackets should be allowed in the building; 3. Changing this rule would not be detrimental to our culture.

So, how will we proceed? As normal. We will NOT make an announcement regarding hoodies being allowed. We will allow the students to wear them as a jacket as long as they do not put the hood on their head. If they put the hood on their head, we will ask them to remove it. If they put it on their head again we will take the hoodie until the end of the day. Each comment that was submitted was read by Dr. Nash and utilized to derive this new approach.

Extra, Extra, Need Club Sponsors.....

In an effort to provide our students with more extracurricular activities, we would like to organize more clubs at our school. We discussed this briefly during pre-planning and compiled you will find a list of clubs/organizations that students have expressed interest in joining. Please let Dr. Nash know if you are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring one of the clubs listed in the document. #reconnectingthevillage