Nicholas Fewkes

Ceramics 1

Cup Project

on the cup project, i really didnt know what i was doing. I initially wanted to make it into a castle, but i kinda just stopped on it and didnt know where to go with it. If I had continued with it the way i wanted it to go, i would have pu ta drawbridge and towers on it or something like that. This should have been the simplest project, but to me it was kind of difficult.

Whistle Project

The whistle was supposed to be a harder project. The main challenge, getting it whistle, wasnt really hard for me like it was for others. the problem I had with this piece was thinking of what i was going to turn it into, but in the end, i think i did a good job on it. The feet on it also broke, so I had to glue them back on.

Coil Project

The coil project wasnt too hard but it was challenging trying to make the coils. I needed to smooth it out more in my opinion, it came out to lumpy. I didnt put any design on it, i just made it into a plain bowl. I would try to smooth it more and maybe make it more rounded and shaped.
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It looks to me like some kind of bowl with a flower theme. It looks like its made of wood, and dense. The piece is smooth and shiny.
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This piece looks like it was made around the Roman age where this kind of artwork was popular. It looks like it was carved out of stone and could resemble either gods, or the "perfect" people in their eyes.