What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a persistent (chronic) condition of the brain. It involves unpredictable abnormal electrical discharges or misfiring of brain cells (neurons). This misfiring in the brain can cause episodes of bodily convulsions, loss of coordination, loss of consciousness or altered sensory states. These episodes are commonly called seizures. People with epilepsy have persistent and recurring seizures. One may be born with epilepsy, or may acquire it because of disease or injury.

Is it a good thing to give kids marijuana for seizures?

Many people do think its a good thing to give their kids marijuana for epilepsy. such as the Botkers. they moved to colorado in 2012 from new work. to get their 2 year old daughter MM for her epilepsy. She was having 15-20 seizures a day. since she started taking her "happy pills" she came down to 2-3 a day. her pills are filled with cannabis oil to help her brain "relax" so it doesn't misfire the neurons as fast.


  • stops epilepsy
  • stops triggers for seizures
  • provides an outlet for the brain to stop misfiring