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Internal Leaks point to in-fighting and characterize a campaign in disarray

According to unnamed sources, behind the scenes, the Bernie Sanders campaign is in utter disarray and marked by squabbling and infighting among staffers. According to sources high up in the campaign, Campaign manager Nathan has completely failed at the critical job of messaging by alienating crucial swing voters and targeting the wrong states. Criticism was also directed at the candidate himself saying that he is an uninspiring presence on the campaign trail and fails to appeal to voters. Spokespeople for the campaign have dismissed the rumors saying that there are no major internal problems and they will continue with their long-term strategy.

Current Events

Sanders Details Economic Agenda for America

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Recently, Sen. Bernie Sanders outlined an economic agenda to try and reverse a 40-year decline of the middle class. He wants to try and shrink the growing gap of middle class and the extremely rich in the United States.

Sanders detailed how he would create millions of new jobs, increase wages, and provide healthcare for everyone. Sanders states that the most important question looking at the american people is "Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy?"

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Soaring Generic Drug Prices

The price of inexpensive generic drugs have sharply risen in the past year. One example is a common antibiotic that only cost $20 last October now is $1,849. Both Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders and Republican Elijah E. Cummings started an investigation in the prices.

Here are just a couple of the many different stories of people having to pay much more than they originally did in the beginning of their treatment.

"My wife has Lyme Disease and has had to take medications for it. When it was first diagnosed Doxycycline was prescribed and as I recall the cost was something like $5 for a two week supply. A year later when it was obvious the first round of drugs had not done the job a second round of Doxycycline was over $500. Some drug company has gotten very greedy."- Carol Garnier, Sebring, Florida

"Digoxin cost me $12.00 for 90 days a year ago. Early this year it went to $33.00 Last week I got a refill and it is now $96.00 for the same amount."

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Bernie Sanders on Americas Issues


Everyone should get a chance at a better life. We should not just send their people back to their country. They left it for a reason. That is why we should keep the immigrants who are in this country and make them citizens of the United States.


Legalizing Marijuana would benefit our country greatly. If we were to legalize it in all 50 states, it would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue per year. And the likely hood of you becoming dependent on it is very low. Only 9% of users become dependent on it.


We must help out the students in college who are struggling with paying for and education that they need to succeed in life. The average cost of college is $30,094 per year and it continues to rise. The government needs to help out more in helping students afford a college education.


I understand that this is a extremely touchy topic in America, but someone needs to say something. It is not up to someone else to tell a woman that they cannot abort their child, it is up to the woman to decide about it. They have the right to do what they want with their body.



Every dollar that you donate to Bernie Sanders help out in protecting the minority in the US and to make it a better place.
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