Lewis and Clark Journal

August 3, 1804

Dear Journal,

Clark and I are very exited that Thomas Jefferson, our president sent us on this journey! It is amazing so far. Today we were traveling and saw some buffalo! The ground was shaking with how many buffalo there were!! It was really cool. We decided that Clark would be making the course and also making the maps. We also decided I would study the rocks, soil, animals, and plants along the way. At the end of July we had travled more than 600 miles up the river and still had not met a single indian. When we got to the Rocky Mountain we met a 17 year old girl named Sacagewea she said we could not make it up the mountain by foot. So she said she could lend us a horse. So we got up the mountain by horse. Today was very tiring but we made it. We really hope that no one will get sick with all the things we have not discoverd yet. Some people have got a little sick but not bad. I hope tomorrow we will discover even more.

Very Hopefull,

Meriwether Lewis

Lewis And Clark Expedition