Cyber Bullying

Be nice to others

Stop Cyber Bullying

Never start to be a bully online because it hurts when you are the one that is getting bullied and i would feel really bad if I was a bully.

How to prevent cyber bullying

Tip 1: Always let your parents know what website you are on because they could you if you are getting blackmailed by a bully

Tip 2: maybe have a adult follow you if you are on any social media even now of in the future

bad examples and good examples

Identity Theft

Things about identity theft

Something thing that you never want to do is have passwords like this.........

  • 123456
Then if you have that as passwords then somebody like in identity theift will easily be able to hack your account

Internet Safety

Always remember keep you passwords to yourself I'm pretty sure you don't want anyone hacking you
Cyber Bullying (UNICEF)
What Is Identity Theft?

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram make sure that you don't post anything you don't want anyone to see.
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