My 5th Grade year Performance

About Me


I have only gone through one trimester or term. I have gotten straight A's with a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. My teacher Mrs. Allen really challenges me and she is a pretty good teacher. Her style of doing things is very different from other teachers but I like hers better because it is way more organized. I am a 2nd grade red belt recommended in Tae Kwon Do and I am reading the battle books because I would like to get in the team again.

Student Council

Student Council is an extra curricular activity in which you have a president, a vice president, and 5 main big committees. I am in the student organized activities committee

which means that I get to plan things for the school like assemblies and fundraisers along with the other people in my group. Everyone in my committee gets along very well and I feel that by the end of winter break, we will have a lot planned.

Yearbook Committee

I have written an essay, given in two teacher recommendations, and given 10 photographs that I had taken. I did this because those were all the requirements. I had gone to her not to long ago and she told me that I am now an official member of the yearbook team. I will get to meet afterschool and during recess to take pictures of students doing various activities and make new designs for the yearbook.

Tae Kwon Do

I am a 2nd grade red belt decided. I have tested for this rank and I do not have it yet, but I am very sure that I got it. I only need to test 3 more times before I get my black belt ; once for my second stripe, once for my third, and the last for my black belt. Not to long ago, my instructor told me that I was really progressing and that I would be able to test for my black belt in 2014's August.


I always perform well in art class in school. I get mainly E's which stand for excellent. That is pretty much a grade A, only in different terms. I enjoy all kinds of art such as canvas art, all sorts of abstract art, clay, water-color painting, sketching and drawing, and building dioramas/ sculptures. Each and every one of these types of art require a lot of skill and patience. I hate to brag bout I have both of those qualities.


In 5th grade we do not go through much science, but we do some text book readings. Based on that, we answer questions and that determines our grades. Mrs. Allen said that we will probably only have one actual formal assessment.( A formal assessment is like the big overall test. The science grade for that term will depend on how we do on our one and only test. Our test will be on atoms and particles. My grade was A 91%


I have only had one school term pass by, and my grade was A 96%. Mrs. Allen does not believe is reading when classwork is finished, so she gives us enrichment projects that vary. Mine is extremely challenging where as others might not have and hard projects. I aced all my tests and this year has come off to a good start. I have gone through 4 projects with 5 pages each in the last 4 months.

Social Studies

Most of our time with actual subjects goes into Social Studies and Math. I am pulling ahead in both of those subjects. Last year, it was mainly Science and Language Arts/Literacy. This year, it is mainly Math and Social Studies. We study colonies, things about people that live in colonies, Native Americans, old timey government, and land characteristics. My grade was A 94%

Language Arts/Literacy

Mrs. Cochran our literacy coach comes into talk to us and she teaches us about book characteristics. Literacy and Language Arts are my worst subjects. I am trying to work on my grade and my report card shows it. I got an A 90% as my big overall grade. Mrs. Allen reads us individual educational books (like historical picture books) and makes us take notes on it. Then we report back to her.

My Grades

Science A 91%

Math A 96%

Language Arts/Literacy A 90%

Social Studies A 94%

Yakov Perelman's Physics For Fun

Section 1 of pages 132-134 Chapter 8: Reflection and Refraction

In the 1890's, the X-ray both, an apparatus,and a curious contraption was what people could buy. It was a contraption because it did not have much importance or use, although people made a big deal about it. It could also be categorized as an apparatus because the X-ray "apparatus" would have helped doctors, and it was a cool device. So the device could be categorized as a contraption, and an an apparatus both.

Algebra For Fun by Yakov Perleman

Section 15 of pages 1-27 Chapter 1:Three Identical Digits

"Use Three like figures to write down the largest number without resorting to any operational symbols". So you have to use 2,2,and 2, or 3,3,and 3 or 4,4,and 4. If you do not think about it, you will come to the conclusion of 222, 333, and 444. But you can turn 2/3(2 out of three of the digits) into exponents and leave the third number as itself. You get 2 ^ (2^2), 3 ^ (3^3), and 4 ^ (4^4). I did not use any symbols.