5th Grade Science Newsletter

Third Six Weeks Edition 2015

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Kemp fifth grade science students get first hand action powering up a spinning, whirling electrical circuit.

Five Places to Get Engaging, Aligned Reteach Activities/Ideas

Now that you have benchmark data, you may be looking for ways to reteach specific standards. Here are four sets of aligned activities we have available:

1. We have added additional question sets to the "Show What You Know Collection". The collection contains a pattern for a game board along with sets of question cards for a variety of standards. Use them as warm-ups, stations, practice, centers, or other creative ways to get your students to interact with the content. Need a specific topic that's not in the collection? Let Debbie Richards know.

2. Don't forget that we have a collection of short, aligned station activities that can be used for reteaching specific SEs. This set of activities are located in the Stations on Standby folder in Team Connect.

3. STEMscopes has a section called RETEKS that provides additional activities for our tested standards. This is another good place to get ideas and activities for reteaching.

4. The BrainBox Game is designed to give students practice using process skills, interpreting graphs and making observations. We will be adding to the collection over the next few weeks. We welcome any cards you want to contribute. :)

5. Here are some Quizlets aligned to some of our high need student expectations. With Quizlet, students practice definitions and then use their knowledge to play two different games. This is a good tool to add to your collections. These collections may include one or two extra words but are overall good practice.

5.5B Quizlet (freezing point/boiling point)

5.5C Quizlet (mixtures)

5.6A Quizlet (uses of energy)

5.6D Quizlet (forces)

5.6D Quizlet (experimental design)

What's Coming Up in 5th Grade Science?

In our third six weeks units, we will cover the student expectations dealing with sedimentary rocks, fossil fuels and changes to the Earth's surface. (5.7 A, B, C, D).

Please be sure to read through the Evidence of Mastery documents for each of the student expectations as you plan your units. Here are links to other important planning documents.

S5.3.1 TNT

Unit Outline for 5.3.1

S5.3.2 TNT

Unit Outline for 5.3.2

There is a fun sedimentary rock formation card game in Stations on Standby.

Third Six Weeks 5th Grade Science District Assessment is scheduled for Dec. 16, 2015.

The blueprint to the test shows the number of questions asked per student expectation and includes a couple of sample questions.

Vocabulary -- Its a BIG Deal

Some experts liken learning science to learning an entire new language. There are so many new words for students to learn in science. Like with any language acquisition, students must use the words regularly to own them. Give students regular opportunities to process vocabulary verbally and in writing. In case your are interested, this article provides some great teacher background and suggestions for developing vocabulary in the science classroom.

Check out the new vocabulary videos in the Explain Picture Vocabulary section of STEMscopes.

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Big Buzz Theory is coming our way in the spring. Your instructional coach can let you know what day to expect the program on your campus.

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Bryan ISD Elementary Science

Debbie Richards, K-12 Science Coordinator

Amanda Pannkuk - Kemp/Carver, Lucy Chalker - Neal, Jackie Wolf - Milam, Katie Kerbow - Jones