Trail Blazer News

March 2nd-6th

Alayna C.'s Interview Conducted by our Communication Crew *

*Students applied for jobs in "crews" this past week. The crews work as a team to complete essential classroom tasks. Our Communication Crew helps with our classroom newsletter, posting Tweets on Twitter, and other communication needs. Ask your child what crew they have joined. :)

Ruby's Question to Alayna: What was the Chinese New Year Celebration like?

Alayna C.'s Response: The dragon was my favorite part because it had all different colors on it and it had a mirror on his head to make all the bad spirits go away.

Alayna G.'s Question: What is your favorite thing to play?

Alayna C.'s Response: I like to play with LPS because I get to play with my friends and trade them so that we can get our favorite ones.

Asa's Question: What is your favorite subject?

Alayna C.'s Response: I like Daily 5 because in Read to Someone we get to pick a book we want to read to others.

Wish List

  • Sanitizing Wipes to Clean Desks and Chairs
  • Page Protectors
  • Snack (nut-free)
  • Pencils
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What We are Learning

Reading: We are very excited to continue our Fables and Folktales unit. We will be exploring various fables and folktales from around the world and take a look at how storytelling is connected to culture. We will continue to practice with the RAPS strategy for our mClass written comprehension questions: R-restate the question, A- answer the question, P-prove it (where did you find it in the book), S- summarize.

Writing: Students will begin their informational writing project on brave American Leaders. We will be creating a video to display our research, including one of our favorite classroom songs: "Brave" by Sara Bareilles. Look for it soon on Twitter! :)

Fundations: We start Unit 10 on Monday! Look for more information on the Unit in your child's homework folder.

Math: We continue our unit on time this week. We will focus on reading digital and analog clocks to the nearest five minutes. Check out this fun game that your child can play at home to practice time:

Science: We will continue sound school on Wednesday. Learn more about this incredible program by following this link:

Social Studies: We met with Ms. Allbach and a local artist last Monday to create our own self portrait collages that demonstrate our culture. The artist will use the students pieces as inspiration for the giant mural that will be displayed in our newly renovated Media Center. We have another wonderful culture lesson with Ms. Allbach on Tuesday which will focus on the artwork of Romare Bearden.