Instagram Challenge

Presented by Wilson Public Library @WilsonPubLib

Takes Place: September 2014

Help us celebrate International Dot Day by participating in this original Instagram challenge based on the book "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds. In the book, Vashti complains after art class to her teacher that she can't create anything. The teacher tells her, "Make your mark and see where it takes you," so Vashti stabs the paper with a marker and signs her name. Later on, she finds her single black dot in a gold frame on display, and she is determined to make a much better dot. She starts with a red one, then makes dots of every color. Her dots are put on display at the school's art show and they make a huge splash. While there, Vashti helps a boy find pride in his work, a squiggly line, just like her art teacher did for her and her dot.

Your challenge in September is to photograph your interpretation of the following words and post them on Instagram. Be sure to include the word associated with the daily challenge and #WPLMakeYourMark in your post! Example: You take a picture of the inside of library with the post #day1library #WPLMakeYourMark.

WPL staff will select the best picture for each day's challenge and the nominated pictures will be posted on Facebook by October 10th. Make sure to like us on Facebook at Wilson Public Library!

Day 1 ~ library Day 2 ~ books Day 3 ~ read Day 4 ~ orange Day 5 ~ celebrate

Day 6 ~ color Day 7 ~ original Day 8 ~ art Day 9 ~ teacher Day 10 ~ create

Day 11 ~ Make Your Mark Day 12 ~ signature Day 13 ~ frame Day 14 ~ expression

Day 15 ~ dot (on Day 15, make sure to include #DotDay in your post, too!)

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