Booker .T. Wasington

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Booker .T. Washington's youth

Booker Taliaferro Washington grew up a slave his mother was the plantation cook and he would carry 100 pound sacks around and often was torcherd for not being able to carry that.when

Booker .T. Washington was seven slavery ended.he's mom found a husband and the bought a house in west Virginia.when he was nine his mom started noticing his love for learning so his mom bought him a book about science and when he 12 he started school first time.

college days

Booker .T. Washington went to Hampton institute in Virginia for four years the graduated with high marks. later he was given a chance to earn his masters degree at harvard university.when he finished Harvard he went of to create one of the best African American institutes in the 19 century.
Booker T. Washington

awards and honors

to many to write down without the page being to long with awards.