Ancient Egyptian art

Social Studies

How Ancient art has been changed

Art has evolved since ancient Egyptian times. Ancient Egyptian art is over five thousand years old it emerged and took shape in ancient Egypt. In a narrow sense Ancient Art refers to the canonical 2d and 3d art developed in Egypt 3000 B.C, And it was used until the 3rd century. Ancient Egyptian art forms are characterized by regularity and depiction of human begins and the nature.

How it remained remarkably stable for years

Egyptian art remained remarkably stable over the 3000 year period, that represents the Ancient civilization. Ancient Egyptian artists used vertical and horizontal reference lines to in order to maintain the correct proportions in their as well as political and religious. And they have many more art products than you can imaging.

Egyptian paintings.

The ancient Egyptians did not just make things out of stone and ivory and all of that. They also used paint and paper to make astonishing paintings.Here is an example. This painting on the right is one of Anubis the Egyptian god of the underworld.

Egyptian sculptors

There are many sculptors for the Egyptians. you already saw one above you number 3. Now here are some more. (pictures of the sculptors and other types of art from the Egyptians).
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