Fabulous Fourth Grade

February 15, 2016

3rd Quarter, part "2"

We are into the second part of 3rd quarter. Wow, how has that happened?

In Math, we continue with fractions (conceptualizing them), and will be learning how to add and subtract with like/unlike denominators, how to change mixed numbers to improper fractions, etc. In comparing fractions, it is important these days that students can compare or order fractions conceptually (compare them to "benchmark fractions", like 1/2 or 1 whole, or picture them on a number line, etc.)

In Reading, they have been focusing on making inferences in both nonfiction and fiction texts. Ask them about reading The Stranger. If you would like to try it out, ask them to bring their reading book home and read the short story, and see what inferences YOU make!

In Writing, we have been working on developing a good opinion paper. We started with the topic of "I would (or would not" have wanted to have traveled on the Oregon Trail because...) Students had to come up with their opinion, and then THREE reasons why. They then needed supporting details for each reason. (For example, they could have said they did NOT want to go out west because: 1) dangerous 2) scary 3) miss family back east. So, when they wrote about it being dangerous, they were to elaborate on it by saying that there were wagon accidents, illnesses, death, ets. While their paper was fairly short (one long paragraph), I was more focused that they had an introduction, 3 reasons with supporting details, and then a conclusion. Our next opinion paper will be longer (5 paragraphs), as their introduction will need to be a paragraph, each main point with supporting details will be a paragraph, and the conclusions will be a paragraph. My HS Sophomore son, David, was also working on an opinion paper recently. I was reminded that the foundation for strong writing skills is being set right now, in 4th grade! As I watch my daughter prepare for the writing portion of the ACT, I am also reminded of the need for strong foundations in grammar and writing at this age.

In Science, Mr. Feldmann has been teaching them about landforms as well as weathering and erosion. He will begin with the rock cycle soon, and they will learn more about rocks and minerals, as well as observing the properties of rocks and minerals during a lab he has planned in a few weeks.

While we have "wrapped up" Social Studies for this quarter, the kids are continuing to work on their Famous Missourian project and their next opinion piece will be to persuade the reader that their Famous Missourian should have a new statue built for them. So, we are weaving Science into Writing and as teachers, we call this cross-curricular teaching.

Field Trip!

We have scheduled our 4th grade field trip for May 10th. On the itinerary are tours of:

10:00 - Supreme Court building

11:20 - Capitol Building

Lunchtime - sack lunch in garden area of Gov. Mansion

1:45 - Governor's Mansion

Visit to Central Dairy Ice Cream shop before we head out of town!


I'm currently taking a graduate class regarding technology in eduction. Here are a couple of interesting articles I have read recently. I just wanted to share them.

10 Major Technology Trends in Education - click here to read this article.

Three Trends that will Influence Learning and Teaching in 2015 - click here to read this article

These Ten Trends are Shaping the Future of Education - click here to read this article

METC Tech Conference

I was fortunate to be able to present (with Larissa Bray) at the Missouri Education Technology Conference last week. Our session, Give Reading a Tech Boost, was standing room only! I was also able to learn so much from other educators!

One area of interest I have right now is to learn more about Virtual Reality using 3D Google Cardboard and how this experience can enhance learning in my classroom. If you have any knowledge of this subject, let me know! I'm planning to write a grant to get Google Cardboard Glasses, as well as a 3D video camera, but that process is not always speedy! Click here for more information about Google Cardboard, if you are curious! There are also some videos below. I am just scratching the surface of this but want to bring it to my students and keep my classroom relevant and forward-thinking.

Teach the Teachers: Google Cardboard - VR Basics (Episode 1)
Learning Liftoff: Kids Review Google Cardboard
Designing for virtual reality and the impact on education | Alex Faaborg | TEDxCincinnati
Grade 1 Students Experience Google Cardboard
Virtual Reality in the Classroom ©2015 W. Codilla
Kids try Virtual Reality for the first time with Google Cardboard

Mouse Races are 3/19

This year's mouse races will be another successful event, I am sure! I told the kids that I have a few silent auction items. Here is the preview:

1. Weekend with Beyonce - Bid for a weekend with our favorite furry friend, classroom guinea pig Beyonce.

2. Movie and Pizza after school with Mrs. Golder and up to 6 of your friends - 2:45-5:00.

Dates to Remember:

February 19th - Kids Trivia

February 24 - Modified Day- School dismisses at 11:50 am.

March 9th - Modified Day - School dismisses at 11:50 am.

March 19th -Mouse Races

March 21 - Curriculum Fair in the gym -

March 23th - Modified Day - School dismisses at 11:50 am.

March 25th & 28th - No School (insert cheers here)

April 18-22 - MAP Testing

May 10th - field trip to Jefferson City - details to come


Scholastic Book Order Club - Class Code: LDGX6

You can order any time. I will submit your order with our class order.

Spelling City

Your child can practice his/her own spelling words in a fun, interactive way!

AR Book Find - Check the reading level of books!

Make sure your child picks a book that is in their reading level / zone.

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