The Indian culture

may,5 2016

This is some facts about there Goverment and what there Goverment was like

India is federal state with a parliamentary from of government. It is governed infer the 1949 constitution (effective since Jan, 1950). The president of India, who is head of state, is elected fro a five-year term but the elected members of the federal and state parliaments: there are no term limits.

India satue and there religion with there leder/ president to

Religion in India is characterized by a diversity of religions beliefs and practices. The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of some of the world's major religions; namely Hinduism, Buddhism.

more of there way of life

The piture of the goverment of india

This is the orinial piture of the india sgin frn there goverment

There Government symbol is vary unique because they have 3 lions or tigers in the front and they have there Government India name in there in luggage and are English 3in there for to. And they also have there India American flag at the bottom in e middle of the 3 lions.

goverment symbole