Smarty Pandas Newsletter

Week of Nov. 16th, 2015

What We Are Learning

Spelling - words with the long u sound (u, ew, oo, ue)

Reading - using context clues for unfamiliar words

Author study: James Marshall - fairy tales

Writing - Imaginative narratives

Grammar - adjectives cont.

Math - Popcorn math and Place value to 1200

Health - Personal safety, trusted adults, body systems and germs

Important Dates and Homework

Nov. 16th- 9:20 Book Fair preview for our class

Nov. 16th - TX Roadhouse Fundraiser night 4-9 pm

Nov. 17th - 11:00 our class visits book fair for purchases

Nov. 18th - Color by Number page due

Nov. 18th - Community field trip (chaperones requested)

Nov. 18th - Student Appreciation Day

Nov. 19th - Literacy Night in the library 6-7 pm

Nov. 20th - Disguise a Turkey project due

Nov. 20th - last day of the book fair

Nov. 23-27 Thanksgiving break

Dec. 4th Reading Counts Store

Dec. 10th Picture make-up day

Dec. 11th All-Pro Dads at 7am

Don't forget, 20 min. of Guided Reading every night.

If you read extra, write it on the pink All-Star Reader sheet and your Six Flags sheet (due 02/26).

Cultural Presentations

Community Field Trip

On Wednesday, we are taking our community field trip. Please be sure your child:

- is wearing their Nelson shirt or Nelson colors.

- brings a sack lunch that they can dispose of.

If you are joining us as a chaperone, we will meet you at the Civic Center at 10:45.

We will meet with Joey Hawkins in the City Council room and have lunch in the park.

11:45 - 2 buses leave the Civic Center

12:00 - 1 bus arrives at the Courthouse on the Square and the other (ours) is at the County museums.

12:45 Buses swap places

1:30 Both buses leave, headed back to Nelson Elementary

2:00 Everyone back at Nelson

Place Value Games (part 2)

The Big, Bad, Number Game

(2 or more players)

Goal: The goal of this game is to create the largest number possible.

Materials: 1-9 die, paper, and pencil

1. Each player will draw 3 lines on their paper ____ ____ ____

2. Players will take turns rolling the die.

3. Each player will write down the digit that was rolled onto one of the lines in their journal. Once written, that digit cannot be erased or moved.

4. Repeat 4 more times.

5. The winner is the player with the largest number.

Discussion: After the game is over share your strategy with your partner. How did you choose where to place the digits? Would you change anything about how you played that round? What will you differently the next time that you play?

Variations: Use less place value spots for your number.

Use more place value spots for your number. (No more than 12)

Teeny Tiny Number Game- Use the same rules but try to make the smallest number possible.

Race to 1,200 Game

(2 or more players)

Materials: dice and base 10 blocks (or paper strips)

Players can roll 1, 2, or 3 dice each turn in order to create a 1-digit, 2-digit, or 3-digit number. The number rolled is the number of base 10 pieces the student gets from the pile. The first student to collect 1,200 without going over is the winner.

Top 3 Reading Counts Points

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Spelling City

Have you heard of Spelling City? It's a free website that allows our kiddos to practice their spelling words each week. I will enter the list of words over the weekend. They choose games to play that will help them practice their spelling rules. They will be exposed to the entire list, not just their 10 words. Which may help them remember the rules :)

Go to or download the app to check it out!

Our Contact Information

Don't forget our Remind text messaging program. Text "@spandas" to 81010.

Anytime you want to check on how your child is doing, check out our Dojo points at

My conference time is 1:50-2:40.