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Q Commons Sacramento - Ready to Tackle the Difficult Questions We Face

One of the things that is wonderful about Q Commons is the willingness to tackle tough issues head-on. At the most recent national gathering in Nashville, challenging subjects like artificial intelligence, #MeTooMovement and homosexual rights were on the table.

Locally, we have gone after some challenging subjects as well like race and fake news. We are excited that when we gather in two weeks, we will lay hold of another difficult subject - abortion. Through a short talk and a panel discussion, the experts in this area will talk about the reasons behind the demand for abortion in our country and how we can “create a better future“ by shifting the narrative on the sexual ethic in our country.

We are glad you are someone who seeks to stay curious, think well, and advance good. It is our joy to gather people who are willing to go after the most difficult subjects. There is still room for you to invite a friend or fill a table.

Table Sponsors Make Q Commons Happen - Interested?

Every local venue for Q Commons has to find their way of funding the event. In Sacramento, that means table sponsorship. You or your organization can sponsor a table for $500 and invite seven people to join you for a great night learning and growing together. Join Jesus Culture, KLOVE, The Masters Program and others in helping make Q Commons possible. To sponsor a table, contact Merisa Moy at

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Thursday, Oct. 24th, 7pm

5770 Carlson Drive

Sacramento, CA

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