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March 21-25, 2016

Don't Forget...

March 21st ~
  • Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day - See Information Below
  • Progress Report Reflection Sheets will be coming home! It's time to celebrate achievements and set future goals!
March 23rd ~
  • iRun4Life
  • Unit #8 Math Test
March 24th - 28th ~
  • Spring Recess for Students

March 24th ~

  • Parent/Student/Teacher Reporting Conferences - It is encouraged that your child attend our conference so we can celebrate, reflect, and set future goals together.

March 30th ~

  • iRun4Life

A few quick things about this week...


This week we will be working on comparing and contrasting in texts as we continue to learn about "Nature's Neighborhoods" in our LEAD 21 textbooks. We will also be interpreting and analyzing the theme of The Great Kapok Tree and the selections in our mini-readers.

Ask me about: Why do readers compare and contrast? What is the theme of The Great Kapok Tree and how do you know?

What you can do: After your child reads, ask them to compare and contrast a character to his/herself or ask your child what they believe the theme (life lesson) is of their independent reading book.

Writing & Spelling

This week we will be completing an on-demand writing prompt as we finish our opinion writing unit. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate writing techniques that they have learned as they apply it to an independent writing piece. Throughout our unit, students have been:

  • Supporting opinions on topics with reasons and information
  • Providing reasons that are supported by facts/details
  • Writing leads and conclusions that include an opinion statement
  • Recognizing opinion techniques presented through mentor texts
  • Differentiating between fact and opinion
  • Organizing writing into paragraphs and use transition words
  • Writing with stamina
  • Using teacher and peer feedback to strengthen writing

Ask me about: What are elements of opinion writing? How does a writer generate a topic for opinion writing? How can a writer enhance their opinion writing?

What you can do: Ask your child to give facts/proof/evidence to support their opinions.


We will be finishing Unit #8 - Area and Perimeter. We have been focusing on:

  • Finding the Perimeter
  • Calculating the Area of Rectangles, Parallelograms, and Triangles
  • Using/Making Scale Drawings

This is a very short unit, so students will be having their Unit #8 test on Wednesday 3/23. **Please note that students will have the formulas to find the area of rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles provided to them for the test.

    Ask me about: What is the difference between area and perimeter? How to you make a scale drawing? How to you find the area of a rectangle, parallelogram, and triangle?

    What you can do: Ask your child for their opinion on what you would need to do to fence a year, carpet a room, etc. Encourage them to practice measuring various objects to find the perimeter and area.

    Social Studies - A Crop Duster Tour of the Mid-West

    We are continuing our tour of the United States by taking a crop duster tour of the Midwest region. Students will be visiting various cities on our tour, so be sure to ask them about our three essential questions:

    • How did the Midwest come to be called America‚Äôs Heartland?
    • Why is the Midwest known as "America's Breadbasket"?

    Ask me about: What social scientist would be interested in....?
    What you can do: Encourage your child to show you on Google Earth the sites they visit and to summarize their learning in their own words.

    A Few Reminders....

    And the Lafferty Drive Winner Is...

    Congrats to the 4th Grade for being the grade level with the most drivers for the Lafferty Drive! Due to your support, our grade level won a movie and a free recess! Thank you for your support of our Summer Reading Program by going out to drive!

    Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

    We are now in 2nd place overall for the year... so keep on clippin'! We want to reclaim our 1st place status!

    Don't forget to send in your Ziploc bag full of Box Tops by March 30, 2016.

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    We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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