Green High School Learning Commons

December 2014


During September, October and November:

>2,000 visits from study hall students

>4,000 books checked out

>500 classes scheduled

>200 new books purchased


Kahoot ia a game-based classroom response system. This website allows you to assess students learning in a fun and engaging way. It is very simple to use. What sets this response system apart is, that students are in competition to see not only who gets the answer right, but who answers first. At the completion of each question, it ranks the participants in order of who clicked the answer the fastest. You can add images, videos, or text as questions. Students can use computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as tablets, and cell phones. To create a game click here To play a game click here No need to register students. They sign in to the game page with the Game pin you provide. It takes minutes to setup! Not all your students have cell phones? The library has fifteen Kindle to check out!

Apps and Sites to Find Informational Text

I’ve used Jing for over ten years in my online courses. Perhaps you’d like to use it to post your own tutorials on your website for absent students or students who need a review. How to use the card catalog and sign up for the library are tutorials I've created for the library. Jing shares images and short videos of your computer screen. For example, if you’d like your students to use the MLA reference tool in Word, you can record directions on how to do it (sample below). Jing is a free, easy to use program!



Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading by Robert J. Marzano

So you’re putting together all your pre-conference “stuff” and you need your evidence for Standard 3: Assessment. Of course you know what is listed under Accomplished Teacher in the OTES rubric, but how do you get there or how can you prove you’re already there? Marzano gives specific examples of different forms of assessment and data to back up their reliability. Teachers who have been around for a while may remember the book that every teacher was given, Classroom Instruction that Works by Marzano. Batelle for Kids is also based on Marzano’s assessment principals. Check out the library for an expert on assessment!