Universal Leadership Conference

Saturday, May 16th, 8 am - 4:45 pm

Service, Social Justice, and Leadership: Student-Led and Student-Created

The Universal Leadership Conference (ULC) is a student-run conference that provides leadership experience and training for college students. The programming for this conference offers students a variety of opportunities to understand and reflect on the interconnectedness of service, social justice, and leadership. The goal of the Universal Leadership Conference is to help students understand and better themselves, their peers, and their community.

A Day to Engage

Students will connect with their peers, alumni, and members of their community through networking, workshops, keynotes, and guided reflection.

Inspiration and a Call to Action

The day will feature several keynote speakers, including two from Cascadia and UW Bothell alumni.

Additionally, we are excited to bring special guest Debbie Carlsen, Executive Director of LGBTQ Allyship, a Seattle-based social and economic justice organization that intentionally works with other marginalized communities to create systemic change that benefits LGBTQ, low-income, immigrants, women, people of color, youth, seniors, people with disabilities and working class individuals.

Outstanding Workshops

Several educational sessions will be presented, including:
  • "Breaking the Model Minority Stereotype: Asian American Student and Community Activism" presented by Scott Kurashige
  • "Thinking Outside the Box: The Activist's Guide to Google and its Alternatives" presented by Megan Watson, Ana Villar, Emily Ferguson, & Tami Garrard
  • "Living Your Values" presented by Rosemary Simmons and Gina Christian
  • "Storysharing and Public Speaking: A Pathway to Building Self-Confidence as a Diverse Student on a College Campus" presented by Lakeisha Jackson & Tracy Phutikanit
  • "Hip-Hop Culture, Leadership & You" presented by Jose S. Gutierrez, Jr.
  • and nearly 20 more; see details.


Please direct all questions to Dhwani Vekaria, ULC Chair, at DVekaria@uwb.edu.or to Sam Al-Khoury, ULC Advisor, at sea2@uw.edu.