Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Tuesday: November 10th 5th Grade Musical Program

Mrs. Dunn: Royal Blue Collared Shirt

Mrs. Rowe: Red Collared Shirt

*Dress Rehearsal at 9:10

*Program at 7

Friday: Texas Tech Basketball Game Field Trip

There is limited space; therefore, parents may not attend. Lunch will be provided.

U Can Share Food Drive: Collection is this week. Even though they have specific days for items, you may send any non-perishable and non-glass items all week.

Monday: Dry Cereal / Oatmeal

Tuesday: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Wednesday: Pre-Packaged Snacks

Thursday: Canned Vegetables / Fruits

Friday: Canned Soup


This week we will begin Unit 3 on Informational Text. We will add "Text Features" to our Reading notebook on Monday. On Tuesday - Friday we will discuss their function in informational texts, practice identifying different text features, and using them for comprehension. Vocabulary Lesson 6 & Spelling Unit 9 Tests on Friday!

Use the following link to Quizlet to study Vocabulary! (Quizlet is a free app)

-Use the following link to join "Rowe 5th Grade Reading" to study Lesson 6 Vocabulary. Let me know if you have any problems using this app!


Students will take Unit #4 vocabulary and content test on Monday. On Tuesday we will begin Unit #5: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators and learning about benchmark fractions (examples: 1/4 is 0.25 and 1/2 is 0.5). We will briefly review multiples, factors, simplifying, and comparing fractions. Students will take a quiz on Friday, no vocabulary on quiz.

We are working in Topic 7 in the Envision Workbooks


We will begin Unit #5: Energy Resources. We will begin learning about sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels. Students will get a new set of vocabulary on Monday.

Social Studeis

This week will be studying and learning about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We are on Week #7 in Social Studies Weekly. Please remember that students may log into the Social Studies Website and play games and read.