Juliebeth Ochoa

Tokyo, Japan

airfare cost and schedule

Air Fair cost :The air fair costs $1252 for one person and for 2 people it is $2504

Schedule:My flight leaves at 8:45 am and it lands at my destination at 3:40 pm , the next day.



My hotel where i will be staying is at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel. It has a 5 star review.The hotel is full of luxury and relaxation.Each night i will be charged $637.the hotel has 38 floors.The first impression is dramatic.



Tokyo is full of fun and enjoyable activities.One of that i did was that i went to Mount.fugi tour with a cruise on Lake Ashi. I.I headed out from Tokyo to Hakone. My.My next activity is going to to Mori art Museum.My 3rd and last activity is The National Museum of Nature and Science.




Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One of the problems in Tokyo is the overpopulation.During rush hour the traffic is a nightmare . My solution is if i need to be somewhere at a certain time i will make plans to leave a little bit earlier.

The second problem is racism. If your not Japanese then all the other people will stare at you as if your some kind of abnormal creature. My solution to that is when I get a chance to talk to the Japanese people i will treat them no different then i would treat my own kind , that way most things are fair.

Last but certainly not least, sexism where men leering ( in other words touching ) women. Women s careers are often limited to the lower ranks ion a company , unmarried women are looked down upon.





My choice was to travel to Tokyo Japan. I stayed here for 19 days which were the best 19 days of my life yet. i stayed and the Mandarin Tokyo Hotel. I really do recommended this hotel it has very good room service and such a relaxation vibe. The flight i took had very good quality.My activities was to take a tour to Mount. Fugi , my next activity i went to the Mori art museum , the last activity i went to the National Museum of Nature and Science.My experience in Tokyo , Japan was unforgettable. I hope i can come back again.