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Mauri Mahi, Mauri Ora

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May 13, 2022

Year 7 & 8 Epro8 (Science and Engineering) Regional Competition 2nd Place Winners!

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Year 5 & 6 Epro8 Semi Finalists! Poroutawhao School punching above our weight AGAIN!

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Nga Tawa Interschool Horse Riding Competition

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Tilly represented Poroutawhao at the Nga Tawa Interschool Horse Riding Competition.

There were huge numbers, with around 150 ponies/horses entered. Tilly had around 65 competitors in her section, She had three different classes to compete in, she rode with tremendous style and her usual determination!

She didn't place this time, but had a great day and the was a very good experience for her and we are so proud to be represented by such a talented and wonderful young lady.

Tino Pai Tilly!

Is your child representing Poroutawhao School?

- if your child is representing Poroutawhao School in any event, we would love to have a picture to share in our newsletter, we put them on our Wall of Achievement in the office and on our Facebook page as well (unless you tell us otherwise). We want our kids to be as proud of themselves as we are!

Our Values Assembly Week 2 was Communication (Honesty)

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Communication; we are honest

Each week on Monday afternoon we have a Values Assembly. Each class has a turn at running the assembly where we discuss, role play and watch videos that teach what each bullet point on our Values Matrix looks like in practice.

We have a draw from the Values Post Box of tickets tamariki have earnt that week. They earn tickets in the draw by repeatedly demonstrating our school values.

The Values Certificate above shows you the 10 ticks that need to 'clicked' to earn a ticket in the draw. When a child demonstrates that Value they earn a 'click'. Repeated practicing of the school value earns them a ticket in the Values Assembly Draw.

The kids then take the Values Certificate home to show you how fabulous they are at demonstrating that school Value. It is not easy to get those 10 'clicks' so heaping the praise on at home would be well earned.

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Principal Chat

We have had a wonderful start to Term 2!

Our tamariki and staff have returned happy, refreshed and full of hugs and smiles.

I am so blessed to work in a school filled with such loving, caring kids who share their laughs, smiles, stories and LOTS AND LOTS OF HUGS with me daily. It truly is a privilege to work with your kids every day. I was showing around a potential new whanau on Wednesday afternoon and a class was walking past in their line. Some showed their beautiful manners and caring hearts, greeting me with waves and smiles, while many stopped for a hug! I was so heartened by their generous demonstration of kindness and caring.

Thank you for sending to school such special tāonga. I truly cherish every single one.

I must confess I was a little apprehensive of possible congestion and the rampant spread of Omicron this term. I can not thank you enough for your consideration. Dropping off and picking up at the gate is still the best option and kids really do benefit from the self management and independence that they get to practice daily.

This term we are sooooo very busy! We still have Epic Music Academy taking lessons. If your child's lessons was on Tuesday they may have been shifted to another day due to our Rural Schools Swimming sessions having started. This is where the Ministry pays for us to be bused to Levin Aquatic Centre for professional swimming lessons. Each class goes once a week.

We also take advantage of the free bus to Levin to take the children to Te Takere (the public library).

We have George Davis teaching our tamariki the skill of rakau and Keelan Ransfield is sharing his extensive knowledge of local iwi and hapū history, tikanga and identity. We thank Pa Jack for funding these invaluable lessons for our tamariki.

Unfortunately, the landscaper has had to postpone the replanting or our gardens with Covid distribution delays causing him to be behind in his schedule. So our gardens are a little bare, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen! Thanks to the PSG (Poroutawhao Support Group) for funding our environment upgrade. We appreciate you!

We also appreciate Graham at Uzabus for negotiating with us in good faith and reducing his original fees increase for the Levin bus pick up and drop off. He has a business to run, but was also considerate of our families situations. It was a huge relief for us and our Levin whanau.

Please remember to ring / leave a message on the school landline or text in any changes to the bus arrangements by 2pm. Absences are the same. Please leave us reason for the absence, we have to code it for the Ministry of Ed.

Office hours are 8.15am to 2.45pm.

The next ballot is at the end of the month. If you know families who would like a look around I LOVE showing off our wonderful school and introducing them to our amazing staff and kids! We are so lucky to be a part of this school and are very happy to welcome new friends into the fold.

Take care.

Nga mihi.

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We will be supporting the Mental Health Foundation in raising funds to spread the word about the impact of bullying and how we can all work together to support each other and look out for each other, spreading aroha and kindness.

Wear something pink and bring a donation for us to pass on.

In class we will be doing fun and important work on the topic next week, but particularly on Friday. We will have stickers and it will be delivered in a child friendly manner.

The website has ideas and conversation starters for you help reinforce the message around what being a decent, kind human looks like and sticking up for ourselves and others.

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PSG (Poroutawhao Support Group)

It was so great to have the opportunity to meet with some our wonderful parents at the PSG meeting in the staffroom, on Wednesday night!

We had both new and old parents come together to discuss how we can bring opportunities to connect with our community, as well as bring fun opportunities for our kids, and improve the school.

There were lots of laughs, creative ideas, chocolate and maybe a little beer and wine....

If you haven't already, please make sure you are following the PSG on Dojo, so you don't miss the invites to meetings. We love welcoming the familiar helpers, as well as the new ones.

The new hoodies are so warm and great quality! Thanks Lisa Sanson for organising those for us! We appreciate you!

We have had lots of interest from new families starting about buying a Poroutawhao hoodie, so we are doing another run. See details below.

If you would like to reach out to the PSG you can message directly on Dojo.

See you at the next hui!

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Literacy at Poroutawhao

If you have been watching the news, morning tv or are on social media you will have heard about Structured Literacy.

It is based on the most up to date research available on how the human brain acquires the skills of reading and spelling. It is evidence based. What we know about how Literacy is learnt has changed and we need to change our teaching to match how kids learn.

Unlike oral language, the brain is not naturally wired to learn the written code. It needs to be taught systematically and explicitly. Thanks to neuroscience we now understand how the brain learns the written code, so we are empowered to teach EVERY child how to unpack and utilise that written code. It is a complex process of translating the human made written symbol to the spoken sound (reading - decoding) and from the oral sound to the written symbols (writing -encoding).

We were not taught this at teachers college and university (it is new understanding), so our dedicated staff are on a journey to upskill and implement this research based, and proven method of teaching Reading and Spelling, because our akongā (learners) deserve the best.

As a result you will notice that literacy homework has changed. Instead of sending home books they can't read...they simply guess words using the pictures, remember the text pattern and learn to point at each word, we now only send home books they have the skills to read.

Homework consists of reinforcing the learning of the written code. It really helps and you are partnering with us to lead them to be confident with using our written code.

If you are interested you can search Learning Matters, Structured Literacy or the Science of Reading....

For Beginning Literacy Learners

Structured Literacy in 6 Simple Steps

Developing Skilled Literacy Learners

The Science of Reading Basics, Part 3: Scarborough's Reading Rope

Scholastic Book Orders

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Please make these orders online rather than sending cash to school.

Behavior Management at Poroutawhao

We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school. This means we use learning about the consequences of our choices both for ourselves and others.

We explicitly teach social skills, emotion regulation strategies and always teach that if a mistake is made that restoration of the relationship with the wronged party, once emotions have settled, is necessary to move on.

The learning involves natural consequences for our actions. The idea that we have and make our own choices and therefore choose our own consequences (good and bad).

Having said that, we also have 3 non negotiables at Poroutawhao. All the children know them and understand their importance to the respectful, safe environment that we all deserve.

1. No swearing

2. No disrespecting of any staff member

3. No deliberate hurting of any description (physical, words or actions)

If a child chooses to demonstrate any of these 3 behaviours they will spend time with Mrs Harland discussing how their behaviour negatively impacted on someone else's right to enjoy school/work. The impact on their friendships etc. What would appropriate alternatives look like and how can they repair the damaged relationship with the other person.

They are removed from the playground until they have participated in that discussion and can be trusted to be with the other people in the school in a respectful and positive way.

We now rarely have anyone in Lunch Club with Mrs Harland. Well done on great, respectful choices Poroutawhao learners.

For the full policy and procedure see the school website for the link to our Schooldocs.

Happy, Resilient Kids - That's the Goal Right?!

Below are FREE online learning modules that may help us, as parents, build our tamariki up and support them with resilience.
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What's Going On in Term 2?

We are trialling this new newsletter format. On the free version I can't change the "This is an online event" below.... please ignore for the public holidays... nga mihi

Wearable Arts Competition

Friday, May 27th, 9am

53 Broadway Avenue

Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui

Mrs Day and her fabulously talented crew of creative artists compete on stage with their wearable art and stories.

A professional photographer will take photos and they will be judged on set criteria.

Unfortunately, due to covid it is a no audience event, but we will share, what will be stunning photos with you!

A lot of hard work, lunchtimes, creativity and dedication has resulted in stunning wearable art!

Well done our little artists!

Queens Birthday

Monday, June 6th, 8:30am

This is an online event.

Have a great long weekend!

Matariki Holiday

Friday, June 24th, 8am

This is an online event.

Enjoy your long weekend

4C's Values Day (last day of term)

Friday, July 8th, 8am

796 State Highway 1

Poroutawhao, Manawatu-Wanganui

Those children who have demonstrated the school Values'





Participate in a whole school FUN day!

Friends of Poroutawhao

We deeply appreciate the support from local business.

These businesses have offered support through Covid last year and into this year.

Thank you to all of them..

We encourage you to support them in return!