The Art Of Giving Back

The Struggle Sculpture

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Donald Brown:Inspirational Speaker, British Sculptor & Founder of The Global Gallery Limited

When I was about fourteen years old, I took a lump of soft, muddy clay home from school and created a head of myself,on the kitchen table. Seeing my passion and commitment for sculpture, my mother asked me, "What is playing with mud going to do for you?"

Mother's concern later proved to be one of the most significant and motivating questions that helped in my development as an artist and as a man, by virtue of the seeming negative energy it imbued. I soon discovered the art of converting negative energy into positive energy and still find it to be a liberating and empowering experience and an ability that can be developed into one of many essential life skills.

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Donald busy at work with his fine art design

Historic Unceiling Ceremony

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There will be a limited edition of 2016 bronze replicas of the sculpture. 204 replicas will be reserved for 204 countries. Individuals who purchase the official print of the sculpture may nominate a country of their choice to receive one of the replicas. All countries with a minimum of 2016 nominations would automatically qualify to receive a bronze replica of the sculpture. In 2016, those countries will be invited to unveil their sculpture on the same day and precise time to complete the largest simultaneous, sculpture unveiling ceremony in history.

This will further globalize and galvanize the sculpture's universal purpose and meaning of promoting personal and social peace and positive principles for life.


Dr. Maya Angelou

“Donald Brown is impressive. His approach to material and his respect for material combine to make his art quite wonderful.”

Smokey Robinson

“Your work is incredible.”

Deloris Jordan (Mother of Michael Jordan)

“A God blessed talent.”

Essence Magazine


Winston Salem Chronicle

“The premier sculptor of modern day times.”

Financial Blessing

Individuals who reserve one or more prints at this time will pay the reduced pre-order price of $49.95 and will be automatically positioned to receive $700 per print from the worldwide sale of the prints.

We are now at the print reservation stage. No payment is required at this time.

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