Mrs. Lance's Fourth Grade

Mathematics Investigation

What's Happening in Class...

We are off to a fantastic start!

In our first math unit, we will be exploring whole numbers, place value, and rounding. We will be investigating how each place in our base ten system has a specific value and how the digits are effected as they change positions in numbers. We will also learn how to read and write numbers using all four forms: standard, written, expanded, and base 10 forms. As we continue through this unit we will practice rounding numbers and learn why it may be beneficial to do so. Finally we will be working on measurement word problems involving time, distance, and volume.

We will also be incorporating multiplication and division facts throughout this unit and continue throughout the entire year . It is so important that students know their multiplication facts. Most of everything we do in fourth grade math involves multiplication.

I have planned many fun activities over the next five weeks that are designed to support these skills. We will also utilize websites such as and Xtramath to practice our assigned standards. Students will be able to work on both of these programs both at school and at home.

Feel free to check out our class website for more information and details.

Our Class Schedule

Homeroom: 7:35 - 8:10

First Block: 8: 10 - 9:35

Second Block: 9:35 - 11:05

Exploratories 11:10 - 11:55

PE: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (students please wear your PE shoes)

Lunch 12:01 - 12:31

Recess: 12:31 - 12:50

Third Block 12:39 - 2:15

Dismissal 2:15

Classroom Supplies

Thank you all for your support in supplying classroom supplies for our students. I appreciate all you have done to get our year off to a good start! We have had classroom donations of tissues, Lysol wipes, and candy for rewards. I am truly grateful for all of your help.

Because of your generous donations we have created our Interactive Math Journals, which we will use as a study resource to help us prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests.

I know that dry erase markers are sometimes difficult to find at the beginning of the year. Thanks to your dedication and generosity all of our 4th grade students have dry erase markers to practice math skills on their desks!

School Fund Raisers: Box Tops

Don't forget to send in all of your box tops for education. Our class is trying to win extra bounce time during field day in May!