Southern Colonies

Virginia, South Carolina,Georgia,North Carolina, Maryland


In 1607 Virginia was founded by John Smith and the London Company. The Virginia colony was a colony based off of the Anglican Religion. The purpose for the founding of Virginia was to find gold. They didn't find the type of gold they were looking for but what they did find was a crop that made them lots of money tobacco. Tobacco became the cash crop of Virginia and that's how they made their money. Virginia used indentured servants until they switched over to slavery. The servants had a certain term they had to work up under the owner but they would run away before they finished their term. They had more control over the slaves so that's why they brought slaves. The government of Virginia was corporate then royal. They had one legislative body supporting it called the House of Burgesses. This allowed for only white men who owned land to vote or be elected. The population begin to grow approximately a population of about 447,016 people.

North Carolina

In 1653 North Carolina was founded by the Lord of Proprietor, The charter, and Eight English Nobleman. The colony of North Carolina supported the Anglican religion. The purpose for the founding of North Carolina was for farming and trade. North Carolina didn't really have a cash crop but the pine tree was an essential part for economic growth in this colony. The pine tree was used to make materials that were sold in Naval stores. The north Carolina government was both proprietary and royal. The government of North Carolina is separated into three branches of government which make law,carry out laws, and interpret laws. The population of North Carolina was approximately about 197,200 people.


In 1634 Maryland was founded by Sir George Calvert (Lord Baltimore). The colony of Maryland had no specific religion that they wanted their people to follow until after 1692 then they wanted everyone to support the Anglican religion. There was conflict in Maryland between the people who believed in any form of Christianity and the puritans. The Act of Toleration was created to ensure justice and liberty to the people who believed in Jesus Christ The reason for the founding of Maryland was to form a colony where the people could have religious freedom. The way Maryland made money was by tobacco. Tobacco became a cash crop for Maryland helping it make money. Maryland had a proprietary government. Maryland had a population of about 210,214 people.

South Carolina

In 1663 South Carolina was founded by the Lord of Proprietor, The charter, and Eight English Nobleman. The split of North and South Carolina happened because of border disputes and the Proprietors had a hard time managing the new colony. The South Carolina colony supported the Anglican religion. The purpose for the founding of South Carolina for farming and trade just like North Carolina. Rice and indigo played an important role in the growth of South Carolina economic growth. The South Carolina government was both proprietary and royal. The South Carolina government has three branches of government that made decisions for the colony. The population of South Carolina was Approximately about 124,244 people.


In 1733 Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe. Georgia was under the Anglican religion. It was founded for a relief for the poor English people and a buffer zone. The Buffer zone of Georgia was between the English and Spanish. This was a way for debtors to the new world to have a clean start. A lot of the people didn't want to take the chance of being the first people to settle on the land. The people of Georgia made money from rice production. Georgia had a royal government. The population of Georgia was about 23,375 people.