Picture Project

Lily XIong

Tokyo, Japan

This picture was taken in Tokyo, Japan. I choose each picture because it shows the difference between the items each family has. In this picture they have four people. Also, it looks like they live in the city. The difference is the family in Tokyo has more furniture than the family in China does. One of he biggest similarities between these photos is that they have the item they need to live with. For example, pot and pans to cook, clothes, chairs, some type of shelter, etc.


This photo was taken in China. This picture shows the items that they need. It's not much but it's enough for them to survive. They have clothes, shelter, pots and pans to cook, some furniture. The biggest difference between these two photos is that the family in Tokyo has a better home to protect them and they have more things. It looks like the family in Tokyo has what they want and what they need but the family in China has only their needs. The similarities are that they both have shelter and needs to survive.