Kids Dance



At school we did a dance in term 1

dance app


The app we used was called video star.We done the dance on the ipads and ipods then put them on the, computer.


We got to pick a song the song i picked was life is a highway. (from cars)


Everyone had to do 1 dance each.



We have been learning about comunications in science and i did one on the telephone.

Who invented the telephone and when

Antonio Meucci invented the telephone in 1871 the 10th of March

How the phone works.

The phone has phone lines (there wires)that go from phone to phone.

Eqivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions

In term 1 we done equivalent fractions we useda fraction wall to help us get the questions right.

Multiplication grid.

Multiplication grid.

last term at school we done a multiplication grid times tables up to 12