December News

LTF Middle School Math Teachers Newsletter

We're almost there!

We're nearing crunch time, and our students, and maybe us as well, are ready for a good, long break. Please know that you are doing a wonderful job. I so enjoy visiting all of your classrooms and watching what amazing work you do. It's inspiring to see how you all put students first and are changing lives for the positive. Please let me know if I can help you pace for 3rd 9-weeks, plan for benchmark review, or find resources for you to use after benchmark assessments.
Please join us for this exeptional training! Location TBD. Secondary Programs, AP, is paying for your subs. Visit STI PD (linked above in the title) to register.

Upcoming LTF Lessons

As you wind up the semester, you may find you have a little more time to spend doing some of these LTF lessons. I'd be happy to make you copies!

6th Grade Regular- Surface Area and Volume, Unit Dog (Digits Topic 8)

6th Grade Honors- Road Trip (7th Grade Digits Topic 2)

7th Grade Honors- Linear Functions (8th Grade Digits Topic 6)

8th Grade Regular- Interpreting Rate Graphs & Interpreting Distance Graphs (Digits Topic 7)

Algebra 1- Solving Systems of Linear Equations (Unit 6)

Geometry- Handshake Problem (Unit 6)

Reciprocal Teaching Literacy Strategy

Our students are surrounded by relevent, high-level tasks and word problems. As math teachers one way we can embed sound literacy instruction while still teaching our content is to implement reciprocal teaching. It can be modified to meet any classroom's needs. Visit the Prezi below for detailed information. (The good stuff is towards the end.) If you'd like me to help you plan a reciprocal teaching lesson, or provided further resources, I'd be happy to help!