CASH Fifth Grade

Egg Drop

We are going to do an egg drop from the bleachers on the Columbia campus as a science activity. Each student should bring an egg wrapped/padded, etc. in a box or by other means. The apparatus should be no larger than 12" x 12" x 12". It can be smaller. The goal is when it is dropped the egg will not break.

No need to go out and buy anything (unless you don't have eggs!). Use what you have at the house - cardboard box, wipes box, toilet paper roll, cotton balls, duct tape, rubber bands, etc.

We may be on the other campus on Thursday morning (more details later) and we will definitely be on the other campus on Friday for Field Day. Send your wrapped egg either on Thursday or Friday, whatever is most convenient for your schedule.

Music and Art Program on Thursday

Fifth grade is at 1:40. Sunday clothes or school uniform is appropriate.