My Favorite Number!


Ten plus five equals the sum of fifteen.

Twenty subtract five equals the difference of fifteen.

Three multiplied by five equals the product of fifteen.

Thirty divided by two equals the quotient of fifteen.





15; 30; 45; 60; 75; 90; 105; 120; 135; 150

It's used in daily life!

  • My step sister is 15.
  • The number 15 could also be used as a price like $15.
  • It could be a number for a jersey.

Order of Operations

(3x12-6)/2 =15

4x5-5 =15

5x9/3 =15

Historical Date

In 1503 Leonardo da Vinci painted the " La Gioconda" or better know as the "Mona Lisa."

Word Problem

Mia has two guest coming over for a slumber party. She wants to serve herself and her two guest five cookies each. How many cookies will she have to buy?

Why 15?

I chose 15 because when i was little it sounded "amazing" when I counted really fast. Fifteen has been my favorite number since I was able to count. In this project i learned the da Vinci painted the famous french painting, The Mona Lisa in the 1500's.

My Likes and My Dislikes about this project.

I liked this project because it gave us a chance to think about why we liked a particular number and also gave us a chance to find out something really cool about it. I didn't have a problem with this project so i don't have any dislikes.