Week at a Glance

PTO Magazine Assembly 9/29

  • 5th Grade- Report to cafeteria @ 8:10am (Announcement will be made)
  • 6th Grade- Report to cafeteria @ 9:00am (Announcement will be made)

Special Ed. Department Meeting 9/29 @ 2:50pm (Media Center)

Honor Society Induction Ceremony 10/2 @ 6:30pm (Cafeteria)

Magazine Assembly and Order Forms

Homeroom Teachers – Please pick up your magazine flyers from the hallway outside the mailroom (They are bagged alphabetically by homeroom) prior to Monday morning homeroom. These flyers are to go home with your homeroom students on Monday afternoon, after we have had our kick off assembly. This is a big fundraiser for our PTO, so we want to be sure each student receives a packet.


If you are a club advisor, and need to use a room other than your own classroom, please fill out a facilities use form (located in the Main Office) and submit it to Mary Ann DiMartino. We are trying to avoid any conflicts with clubs trying to use the same space.

I've found $$$!! (Yeah). If there are any staff members that would like to facilitate the 5th grade Homework Club, send me an email.

HR Attendance

As a reminder, please do not not change a student's status from absent to late when they arrive to HR with a late pass. Keep them marked absent. When the student arrives with a late pass keep it for your own records but the main office will change the student's attendance. There was a situation this week in which the health office called a parent to inform them of their child's absence and the child was present.

Lesson Plans

Observations have begun and we have noticed that there are some teachers that have not placed their lesson plans on the server. If you have not already done so, place your plans on the server. Your lesson plans provide clarity to us when we come in to observe you. The directions are in the staff handbook. If you are having technical difficulty, please use the School Dude system.

Learn 360

Our Learn360 account is now active. Learn 360 is a multimedia resource available to teachers to enhance instruction. If you are having trouble logging into the site, do not remember your usernames/passwords, or are you are a new staff member, please send Kelly Camm an email.

Phone Numbers

During my 1st day of school address I forgot to include our phone numbers in case you need to reach Tracy, Mary Anne, or myself. Please include your name when you text us so we know who we are communicating with.

Marques- (609) 784-5267

Tracy- (856) 405-0354

Mary Ann- (908) 963-4993 (not until Nov. Let her be mommy)

One Last Thought...

I want to thank everyone for their attention to the cafeteria. We have noticed a definite improvement to the flow of traffic and supervision in the hallways.

I have also noticed a great deal of collaboration taking place throughout the building. I walked through the hallways after school one day and saw a group of teachers working on their SGO. Another teacher told me about another teacher approaching her about wanting to plan their lessons together. Please continue to share ideas with one another. It is one of the most powerful ways to spread ideas. I also encourage you to find a colleague that you would like to observe and debrief with them afterwards. Ask them about the design of their lesson and why they did what they did. We are not just here to teach our students, we also can teach one another. I am willing to give PD hours for your observation/debriefing with another teacher with documentation.

Have a Great Weekend!