Suicide Prevention

Hubbard ISD students can #Bethe1 to help save a life.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month.

Let's gain a greater awareness of risk factors, warning signs, resources, and protective factors to help eliminate the stigma of mental health issues and #Bethe1 to help save a life.
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Emergency Contacts

If you or someone you know is thinking of dying by suicide, get help immediately.

Teens, #Bethe1 to help save a life.

Suicide rarely happens without warning. As a peer, you may be in the best position to recognize when a friend might need help and help them get it. You may see signs in person, hear about them secondhand, or see them online in social media. Never ignore these signs.While suicide is typically associated with the pain of mental illness (in particular depression and associated feelings of helplessness and hopelessness), there are sometimes specific situations that trigger suicidal actions such as breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failing in school, being bullied, or experiencing abuse, loss or other trauma. It is important to learn these warning signs and what to do if you see any them in yourself or a friend. Suicide is preventable. By listening, talking, and acting you could save a life.
Reach Out - Preventing Teen Suicide

Teens: Here's what you can do to help a friend.

What Can You Do to Help a Friend?

  1. Know the warning signs!
  2. Do not be afraid to talk to your friends. Listen to their feelings. Make sure they know how important they are to you, but don't believe you can keep them from hurting themselves on your own. Preventing suicide will require help from adults.
  3. Make no deals. Never keep secret a friend's suicidal plans or thoughts. You cannot promise that you will not tell-you have to tell to save your friend!
  4. Tell an adult. Talk to your parent, your friend's parent, your school counselor-- any trusted adult. Don't wait! Don't be afraid that the adults will not believe you or take you seriously-keep talking until they listen! Even if you are not sure your friend is suicidal, talk to someone. This is definitely the time to be safe, not sorry.

Preventing Youth Suicide: Tips for Parents and Educators

See the infographic below.
Teen Suicide Prevention

Suicidal Thinking and Threats: Helping Handout for Home

See handout from the National Association of School Psychologists.

Mrs. Summer Norman, M. Ed.


I am here to help you at any time. Please reach out to the life lines above and reach out to me for help if you or a friend is at risk for suicide. There is hope. There is help. Suicide is preventable.

--Mrs. Norman