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Term 4 - Week 1 - Thursday 8 October 2020

From the Principal's Desk…

It is with great excitement that we welcome back all of our students for term four. The staff are really looking forward to face to face teaching. This week, they have been planning, setting up rooms and getting everything ready for their return.

Thank you, parents and carers, for all that you have done to teach your children with us. It really has shown the importance of a strong home school partnership.

Thank you also to the families that have begun to bring in the homemade flowers – we are getting quite a collection. Could everyone please bring the flowers in on Monday? I will then contact the aged care facilities to organise how we will get the flowers to them next week. We will involve our Captains in this.

We realise that with the return to onsite learning, there are adjustments that need to be made and anxiety will be very common. Please – if you have any concerns about your child or children and their transition back to face to face teaching contact your child’s teacher. We need to know so we can help to make this as easy as possible for all students. Some students may benefit from their own staggered return and that is fine. We are here to help in any way we can, so do not be afraid to ask. I think we have all learnt how we need to keep the lines of communication open and how imperative this is.

Although we are back onsite, very little has really changed with how we will be operating. The following protocols will still be in place.

· Students will meet staff at our two main entry points to have some hand sanitiser applied before moving onto their classrooms. Staff will be at the main drop off zone and the BER gate from 8:45 am. Please try not to drop off children earlier than that if possible.

· Staff not on duty will be in classrooms waiting for students from 8:45, students can enter the classrooms and get ready for the day. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO TEMPERATURE CHECK THE STUDENTS. If we have concerns though we will check the temperature of anyone who feels unwell.

· Parents, Carers, non-staff members are NOT permitted onsite. This means no specialist music can be offered onsite at this stage or private speech therapists and no parent helpers or volunteers are allowed.

· Some departmental personnel are allowed onsite for assessments of PSD students.

· School will finish at 3:30pm. Students will be brought out of the classrooms by teachers. There will be teachers at all three exit points – main gate, BER gates and 3/4 playground gates. Please talk to you children about where you are collecting them from. Continue to do what you normally do – if they walk to the fire station they should continue to do so.

· There can be no excursions or camps in term four. A dojo will be sent early next week to parents/guardians who have paid for camps with information about obtaining a refund. We ask that you wait for this dojo before contacting the office.

· If your child is unwell at all, PLEASE KEEP THEM AT HOME.

Loan Devices:

· Please ensure that any loan device you have is returned with your child on Monday. It is incredibly important that we have these back as soon as possible so they can be reconfigured for classroom use.


· Our Canteen will be operating again but only on Fridays. At this stage it will be for pre order sales only. We are unable to offer over the counter service. This will not start until Friday 30th October

Uniform Shop:

The uniform shop will not be open at school. It will be available for online orders only.

Holidays/Curriculum Day:

· Friday 23rd October is the Grand Final Public Holiday

· Tuesday 3rd November is Melbourne Cup Holiday

· We were going to have a curriculum day on Monday 2nd November, but we have had to CANCEL this as outside presenters are not allowed onsite.

Curriculum – Teaching and Learning:

· Teachers have spent this week planning; we will be focusing heavily on Literacy and Numeracy. This is to assist students with any gaps they may have in the learning. There will be lots of small group focus activities that will be taught to the students point of need – so quite a lot of differentiation this term. Please ensure you talk to your child’s teacher if you have anything you wish to clarify or any concerns you might have. Equally I am sure you will have lots of successes you would also like to share.

· Fenna Hogg is still unable to teach onsite so we have employed CRT replacement teachers for Art and Performing Arts. Fenna will continue to plan these sessions and the replacement teacher will supervise in the Art and Performing Art spaces.


· We will start our assemblies fortnightly from next week. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have parents onsite. We will send out the link for parents and carers to view remotely, that way you can celebrate the awards that students have achieved. This will be a great opportunity for our Captains to be the leaders of our school and demonstrate their leadership.


· We will be running our buddies’ program with increased frequency this term. This will help build relationships and develop a greater sense of belonging to our school. The preps and grade fives are all looking forward to these sessions (as are the teachers)

I, like all staff am truly thankful for your support throughout this year. I am also very happy that ALL our students will be returning on Monday. I look forward to spending time in the classrooms. 😊

Take care,



Monday 12th October

  • Welcome back to ALL STUDENTS
  • Just a reminder we are still unable to allow parents/carers/visitors onsite at this time.

Wednesday 14 October

Preps 2021 Virtual Transition Afternoon - Meet the Principal & Prep Teachers 2.30 - 3.30pm

Monday 19 October - Friday 23 October


Tuesday 20 October

School Council Meeting 6.30 - 9pm

Wednesday 21 October

Prep 2021 Virtual Transition Evening - Parent Information Session 7 - 8pm

Friday 23 October

PUBLIC HOLIDAY - Grand Final Eve - Pupil Free Day

Wednesday 28 October

Prep 2021 Virtual Transition Afternoon - Virtual School Tour & Buddy Program 2.30 - 3.30pm

Tuesday 3 November


Wednesday 4 November

Preps 2021 Transition Afternoon Session 1 - Held onsite (Covid pending) 2.30-3.30pm

Tuesday 10 November


Wednesday 11 November

Preps 2021 Transition Afternoon Session 2 - Held onsite (Covid pending) 2.30-3.30pm

Wednesday 18 November

Preps 2021 Transition Afternoon Session 3 - Held onsite (Covid pending) 2.30-3.30pm

Student Awards

5/6W: Grace S - for her commitment to Remote Learning throughout our time of doing this.

Tyler B - for putting in an effort to his Remote Learning work.

ART: Artists of the Week: Paisley S (5/6S) & Emmy M (2B)

WATCH AND LEARN - by Ella D 5/6W

The enormous mother bear climbed into the silvery river. Her Cubs watched intently with interest from the sandy edges of the river. The trees above them shook in the wind letting little rays of sunlight dance across the ground.The cubs wandered out further to where their mother stood. Soon the moment came as a silvery fish swam slowly up the river. Keeping her eyes fixed on the fish, the mother bear prepared to pounce.

The ice-cold water made her paws tingle, the sound of the rumbling water around her made her ears stick up like lightning bolts. She could feel her heart pounding inside her. She knew her cubs were watching from the river bank, learning from her every move. She couldn’t afford to teach them bad habits. Every move and every second counted. She lent down, and pounced on the silvery fish! It squirmed in her paws. She’d done it!

The mother bear turned to her cubs as they plodded into the water. They were up to their chins in water as the next school of fish swam up the river. The little cubs stood ready as could be watching as their prey came closer and closer! Their mother was watching carefully to make sure waves weren't forming down the river. The cubs were ready to take their leap. Following their mother's moves they lent down and pounced! All five of the bears had caught their squirmy fish except for one who had wandered off down the river to swat at some seaweed that grew in the river every year. The mother was very pleased with her four little bears but had no time to congratulate them. She moved down the river roaring with anger at her little cub. But for all their mother knew a wave was forming downstream behind her. The other cubs plummeted for safety leaving their mother and the naughty baby cub in the silvery river.

Before long the wave had come at them. The mother bear tried to grab her cub but the wave was too big and it knocked them both under. They thrashed at the water trying to reach the top! They floated further and further down the river. Slowly the wave began to lower and lower and finally the mother could get her head out of the water! Her throat hurt and her legs felt like jelly. But her cub was nowhere to be seen. The mother pushed down the stream hoping her other cubs had left the water. She squinted as the relief of seeing her little cub clinging to a dead branch. She floated down a stream to where her little cub sat and grabbed her by the scruff. Together they reached their cave where fish aromas swam through the air and 5 sleepy bears with their stomachs full, fell asleep.

POBBLE - by Jack K 5/6W

I slide in through the window, with the steering wheel sitting on the roof. I’m full of excitement and nerves, adrenaline running through my veins. It’s taken a lot of hour’s work, to get this little Datsun ready for a practice run in the paddock.

My seat is moulded around me so I don't fall out. I reach up and grab my steering wheel off the roof and put it into place. l strap myself into the harness, two straps over my shoulder and a waist strap, l’m all ready to rock n’ roll. Its time to start my engine.

I burn around my paddock. It’s too dry, we need rain, its still a lot of fun though….. The real fun will come next year, Corona has put everything on hold. But next year, l will line up in a grid and see what this little Datsun and l are made of, racing speedway.

Announcement of Finalists – Victorian Education Excellence Awards 2020

YRSDS Satellite unit onsite at Healesville Primary school named as a finalist in the 2020 Victorian Education Excellence Awards

Forty-one finalists from government schools across 14 award categories have been shortlisted for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards 2020 and we’re delighted that YRSDS Satellite unit onsite at Healesville Primary school is among the finalists.

YRSDS Satellite unit onsite at Healesville Primary school has been chosen as a finalist in the Outstanding Inclusive Education category and will attend an online award presentation ceremony on 20 November, 2020 where the winner will be announced.

YRSDS Satellite unit onsite at Healesville Primary school was nominated for their great work creating a unit for students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities living within Healesville and surrounds where students can attend alongside their siblings, neighbours and friends. They develop students' capabilities and inclusion amongst their peers by integrating their cohort into mainstream schooling. Students engage in age-appropriate, social, cultural and performance-based activities alongside their Healesville Primary School peers, actively contributing to the whole school community whilst learning the Victorian curriulum at an age appropriate level tailored to their developmental levels. Students also engage frequently with the local community in their weekly travel training tasks and opportunities.

Award categories include outstanding primary and secondary teachers, principals and business managers, school improvement, Koorie education, inclusive education and education support. Specialist award categories will also recognise excellence in global teaching and learning, and in physical education. In 2020, two new awards have been added which celebrate the work of teaching teams that have delivered outstanding provision for high-ability students in primary and secondary school. All finalists are in the running to win professional development grants of up to $25,000 to support their work in schools.

The Victorian Education Excellence Awards highlight exemplary government school education and innovation in Victoria. The awards demonstrate what success in public education looks like and to be a finalist is a great achievement and should be celebrated.

It is just one way Victorians can be proud of the great government schools in their communities and the people who work in them, highlighting Victoria as the Education State.

For more information about the Victorian Education Excellence Awards and a full list of finalists visit www.education.vic.gov.au/veea
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2020 Parents Victoria Online Conference

Parents / carers, school leadership / staff and school councillors are invited to attend the 2020 Parents Victoria Online Conference.

The theme of the forum is a Brave New World: Changes, challenges and opportunities for families and schools.

This year’s conference program includes presentations from expert speakers and groups on mental health support for students and parents, connecting school communities and engaging families.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education James Merlino will open the conference and answer questions submitted by schools and families.

To submit a question email office@parentsvictoria.asn.au by Sunday 11 October.

Details on the conference and how to register are provided below.

Date: Monday 19 October 2020

Time: 10am to 1.15pm

Cost: The conference is free but registration is essential.

Registration: The conference will take place on Zoom. Participants will be emailed a Zoom link on 18 October.

For more information visit the Parents Victoria website.

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