ES Update

May 19, 2022

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 20 ~ ES Track & Field Day

Friday, May 20 ~ Half Day (early dismissal at 11:30 ~ no lunch served)

Monday, May 23 ~ Holiday (school closed)

Thursday, May 26 & Friday, May 27 ~ Foire du livre

Monday, May 30 ~ Ped Day ~ no school for students

Friday, June 3 ~ PVA ES Family Bingo Night (see below)

Wednesday, June 15 ~ Kindergarten Graduation ~ 10:30am

Wednesday, June 15 ~ Grades 1 to 5 School Concert & Closing Assembly ~ 1pm

Thursday, June 16 ~ Grades 6 Graduation ~ 10am

Need to know

ES Track and Field Day: Elementary School Track and Field Day on Friday, May 20 (half day). The event will start at approximately 9am at WAG field (Westmount Athletic Ground behind Westmount High school). Regular morning drop-off at the school. Students are required to wear SHS phys. ed. uniform with their house t-shirt, sunscreen, water bottle and a hat. Dismissal at approximately 11:30 in the Old Boys’ (East) Yard (K-2) and at 11:45 in the Guzzo Family (West) Yard (3-6). All are welcome. Please note that public parking is not available in the Westmount High School parking lot.

The Adventures Of Captain Starblaster ~ post-production notes: Thank you to The Players, backstage crew, faculty and parents! It was a spectacular experience. It was a joy to be back on the stage in Coristine Hall, to have a live audience, and to see all of the parents in person. The play was recorded, and you can follow these links to view recordings of the morning and evening shows.

QAIS Chess Tournament: Congratulations to all the boys who participated in this year’s 24th Annual QAIS Chess Tournament. Of notable mention are students who finished in the top three of their division, Laurie Lenarciak (Grade 1 ~ Bronze), Tristan Benchetrit-Morrison (Grade 2 ~ Silver), Tyler Benchetrit-Morrison (Grade 4 ~ Silver), Zeyi Chen (Grade 4 ~ Gold), Marc Wu (Grade 5 ~ Silver), Justin Li (Grade 6 ~ Bronze), Kevin Xu (Grade 6 ~ Gold) and Yima Dai (Grade 6 ~ Gold).

Band C Public Speaking: Congratulations to all the grade 5 and 6 boys for their foray into public speaking. Special acknowledgement to the following boys who represented their class at our Public Speaking Assembly on Monday, May 16: Matej Blasch (5A), Bowie Ellis (5A), Lucas Zhao (5A), Édouard Lapointe-Ratsch (5B), Jack Pinnow (5B), William Rémillard (5B), Yimo Dai (6A), Zac Ellis (6A), Alexandre Tardif (6A), Lucas Cheung (6B), Freddy Oldland (6B). and Tyler Xue (6B).

Denim Day: Thank you to all staff and students who participated in Denim Day on May 10 by wearing denim and donating to Breast Cancer Research. As a school, we raised over $1150 just by the simple act of wearing denim, and in doing so, have helped to support a very worthwhile cause.

Library News: Friday, May 6th is the last day students may borrow library books. Students are required to return all their library books by Tuesday, May 24th.

Faculty announcements: Looking forward to next year, there will be a fair deal of movement.

  • Kindergarten ~ Mme Boisclair, Mme Martel & Ms. Tonkin

  • Grade 1 ~ Mme Jothy, Mme Cote, Ms. Walsh & Ms. Barry

  • Grade 2 ~ Mme Blais, M. Simard, Ms. Walsh & Ms. Barry

  • Grade 3 ~ Mme Annie, Mme Gagnon & Ms. Sam

  • Grade 4 ~ Ms. Dubrovsky, Ms. Scholefield & Mme Fragneau

  • Grade 5 ~ Ms. Iuliani, Ms. Paracholski & Mme Boucher

  • Grade 6 ~ Mr. Zackon, Mr. Kelley & M. Maynard

Mr. Kennedy will be moving into his new role as the performing arts and music teacher. Ms. Symons will move into her new role as the math coop teacher. Our other specialists remain in their current positions. We thank Mme Valarie and Ms. Pulice for their care and professionalism and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Lost and Found: The lost and found items from all around the school are now displayed in the hallway near the front entrance of the Lucas Building ready to be picked up. Photos of some of the items can be found HERE. Be sure to check if anything belongs to your family so you or your son can pick them up as soon as possible.

2022-23 Educational Services Contract: Each year, parents/guardians are required to complete an Educational Services Contract which is legally required by the Quebec Ministry of Education. This contract confirms your son’s enrollment in the school, allows you to verify the information we have on file, and lets you choose your payment method for the 2022-2023 academic year. The online contract is accessible through OnCampus and must be completed by Friday, June 3, 2022. We ask that BOTH parents/guardians login separately to complete it. The Emergency Contact Form and Medical Update forms are also available in OnCampus and only require one parent/guardian to review and submit. Please email Ms. Kelli Poulin if you have any questions.

Old Boys' & Friends Golf Tournament: As this year's tournament is quickly approaching (May 30), there is still time to contribute to the success of the event. If you are planning to donate an item for the raffle and or auction, we ask that you drop off your donation at reception by May 24. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or donor, please visit our website. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this annual fundraiser so far, your support is appreciated.

PVA ES Family Bingo Night: Join us on Friday, June 3 for a night of games, pizza & fun at the PVA ES Family Bingo Night. The $10 entry fee per person includes pizza, drink and 5 games per person. You will be able to purchase more cards at the event. There will be a bake sale at the event. Proceeds will be donated to The Refugee Centre located here in Montreal. Register Now!

Refugee Awareness and Fundraisers: A reminder that we are collecting items for Centre D’Appui aux Communautes Immigrantes, a Montreal organization that facilitates the process for refugees entering Quebec. Please click here for more details.

Baseball Golden Game: On Tuesday, May 24, we would like to invite you out to Gary Carter Field for an afternoon at the ballpark! The Middle and Senior School Baseball Teams will be playing back-to-back: the Middle School game starts at 1:30 PM and the Senior School game starts at 3:30 PM. More information will be given to Middle and Senior School students about fan buses for the event; however, we encourage all families to join us to cheer on our Gryphons as they take on Loyola!

Contactivity end-of-year celebration: To celebrate another successful year of programming, we will be hosting our first in person Contactivity celebration in over two years. On May 31, 2022, at 2:30pm, members from the Contactivity Centre and Selwyn House students are invited to join us under the tent in the courtyard to celebrate the amazing partnership. For some students, it will be their first time meeting their contactivity seniors in person, for others it might be the last time they will celebrate with Selwyn House. For more information, please contact Michelle Segal at . Looking forward to seeing you there!


Faculty Announcements Corrections: Although we would love to have two Mme Martels, she cannot be in two places at once! If you noticed that she was listed in Kindergarten and Grade 4, you caught our error. Mme Martel will return to her roots in Kindergarten next year and Mme Fragneau will take over in grade 4. Wishing Mme Ouellet a fabulous year with her family as she takes a year off from Kindergarten.

Next year teams are:

  • Kindergarten ~ Mme Boisclair, Mme Martel & Ms. Tonkin

  • Grade 4 ~ Ms. Dubrovsky, Ms. Scholefield & Mme Fragneau


Foire du livres: C’est avec grand plaisir que la Foire du livre de la librairie Babar reprend après deux ans. Les libraires seront présents avec une bonne part de leur collection les jeudi 26 et vendredi 27 mai. Tous les groupes s'y rendront avec leur enseignant de français (Lucas Seminar Room). À votre discrétion, vous pouvez confier un peu d’argent à votre fils ou bien passer à la fin des classes pour bouquiner. Voici l’horaire des groupes :

  • maternelle : jeudi de 10h05 à 10h50
  • 1A : jeudi de 8h 30 à 9h10
  • 1B : vendredi de 14h40 à 15h15
  • 2A : jeudi de 14h05 à 14h40
  • 2B : vendredi de 14h05 à 14h40
  • 3A : jeudi de 12h30 à 13h10
  • 3B : vendredi de 12h30 à 13h10
  • 4A : jeudi de 14h40 à 15h15
  • 4B : jeudi de 10h50 à 11h30
  • 5A : vendredi de 10h50 à 11h30
  • 5B : jeudi de 13h10 à 13h50
  • 6A : vendredi de 9h10 à 9h50
  • 6B : vendredi de 13h10 à 13h50

ES Covid Corner

Your Daily Morning Covid Check Made Easier: Check out the Symptoms, transmission and treatment Quebec Government’s website page, for a list of symptoms and then follow the Algorithm below.

Official Quebec Government Documents: In regards to Covid health and safety protocols, we will be following government guidelines. Please see our comprehensive list of Quebec's Covid Protocols on our website here.

Attendance: In the event your son is absent (or late), be it Covid related or not, please inform Ms. Manal (the more information we have the better).

At-School Rapid Test: If your son’s symptoms start during the school day and we have received your consent form, we will contact you to confirm if you would like a test done at school. If you have not already filled in a consent form, it can be found here.

No Drop-Offs please: Parents are asked not to drop off items for their sons. Students need to remember to pack what they need for the day in their backpacks. We are trying to limit movement of ES students in the school.

School-Home Communication: Please understand that it is very difficult for teachers to facilitate in-person and at-home learners. As such, we will do the best we can to offer meaningful experiences for both in-person and at-home learners. Teachers will determine the appropriate type of support based on various factors such as subject, activity, lesson topic, grade level, etc.

Travel Outside Canada: Please note that no matter how short the travel outside Canada may be or the mode of transportation, unvaccinated children 12 years of age and under must follow the Canadian Government Travel Protocols. For more information please visit, COVID-19: For unvaccinated children under 12 without symptoms and travelling with fully vaccinated parents or guardians for information regarding travel outside of Canada.

Covid-19 Positive Results: Please let Ms. Manal know if your son(s) test positive for Covid. If a child has tested positive for Covid over the holidays and parents have not already done so, kindly let Ms. Manal know (

Proof of Vaccination: If you have decided to vaccinate your son, we would appreciate it if you send in his proof of vaccination once he is considered adequately vaccinated (Ms. Manal (

Reporting Positive Cases: Each Friday we’ll post SHS Covid positive cases in the Reporting Positive Covid Cases section.

Covid Update & Information Needed:

  • Starting immediately, we will follow the newest Quebec isolation protocols. Please note that the major change since returning from March Break is that household contacts of a positive case no longer need to isolate IF they are fully vaccinated and have no symptoms.

  • Continuing from before March Break, individuals who have had Covid after December 20, 2021 will be able to follow pre-pandemic protocols for a period of two months from onset of symptoms/positive result.

  • Following protocols now becomes more detailed. Therefore, if you have not already done so, please send us …

  1. proof of vaccination for the first and second dose (and third if they’ve received it…)
  2. confirmation that your son had Covid after December 20 (from pcr, rapid home test, or symptoms of Covid 19 within 14 days of a high-risk confirmed case)

Arrival and Dismissal Times and Locations

Elementary School students should be dropped off as per the times and locations as indicated below. If a student absolutely must arrive at school before their designated time there will be supervision in the yard starting at 7:50am.

  • Maternelle ~ enter & exit through 442 Argyle (7:50-8:00am & 2:30-2:40pm)

  • Grade 1 ~ enter & exit through Old Boys (East) Yard (8:05-8:10am & 3:15-3:20pm)

  • Grade 2 ~ enter & exit through Old Boys (East) Yard (8:15-8:20am & 3:25-3:30pm)

  • Grade 3 ~ enter & exit through archway by Veritas sign (8:05-8:10am & 3:10-3:15pm)

  • Grade 4 ~ enter & exit through archway by Veritas sign (8:15-8:20am & 3:15-3:20pm)

  • Grade 5 ~ enter & exit through laneway by Police/Fire Station (8:20-8:25am & 3:20-3:30pm)

  • Grade 6 ~ enter & exit through laneway by Police/Fire Station (8:10-8:20am & 3:25-3:30pm)

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