Chango Update

Wow, where did September go?

Fire safety Day is October 14th

We have completed 7 of our 8 required Fall Fire Drills. Our last fire drill will take place on Fire Safety day--October 14th. The Round Lake Fire Department will join us that day for an unannounced fire drill. Our Fire Department Volunteers will also be providing safety demonstrations and strategies to our students throughout the day.

At our next staff meeting we will be sharing our safety plan regarding student elopement (students running away from class---or from school). We will need to practice this procedure as a way to assist our students who may need our help.

At our safety team meeting there was discussion regarding locking classroom doors. as I walk through our school I have noticed that many classroom doors are locked---and that is a good start. For your safety and for the safety of your students and colleagues---please make sure to check that your door is locked.

Open House Nights, Grade Level Meetings, Grade Level summits......

Open House Nights, Grade Level Meetings, summits...

A great big thank-you to everyone who helped coordinate and participate in our Chango Grade level meetings. Please remember to send me your ideas regarding topics for our meetings. I will continue to reach out to our Coaches and AA's for help as we implement our new LA series and continue to improve upon our understanding of Math.

Kindergarten Open House was September 24th. It was packed!!! Our next Open House is October 1st for grades 1,4 and 5. Grades 2 and 3 have their Open House on Wednesday, October 8th. Grades K, 1, and 2 will have their Summits in the next two weeks. Your hard work and dedication to our students is appreciated. I know that change can be difficult and sometimes the challenge may feel like it is just too much!!!! I am confident that we will all work together to make sure our students receive the very best instruction in a nurturing classroom environment.

Chango Mission Statement

Learning + Fun = Chango

The Chango Community will provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes and celebrates the development of our students' abilities, character, and creativity.