VPS Early Learning Newsletter

February 2019

Dear families,

Ever since my daughter turned 5, I have noticed her exerting her independence more and more. I know this is a good thing, but sometimes I have to take a deep breath and remind myself of this; as, at times, her independence leads to activities taking longer than anticipated. If I ask her to grab her boots, often, she will instead choose her running shoes and when I offer to help put them on, she responds with, "I can do it!" And she can. It just takes longer. While putting her class valentine cards together, she insisted on using scissors, tape, markers and lollipops. She cut, colored and signed her name to each valentine before taping on a lollipop. Were they perfect? No. Did she do them all by herself? Yes. As you watch your child become more and more independent, I encourage you to admire her independence and joyful pride over her big and small accomplishments (even the backward name writing and coloring outside the lines). Children headed to kindergarten (or in kindergarten) want to be independent but they also really need reassurance that you are there to help AND proud of their growing independence.

Kendra Yamamoto

VPS Early Learning

Dates to Calendar

February 4th - 40 minute early release

February 11th - 40 minute early release

February 18th - No school (President's Day)

February 25th - 40 minute early release

March 4th - 40 minute early release

VPS Evening Preschool

Do you have a child aged 4-5 going to kindergarten next fall in the Vancouver school district? If so, come join the fun at one of our evening preschool programs where students sing, play and prepare for kindergarten. This program, led by kindergarten teachers, allow for students to focus on social skills, development, literacy and math in a kindergarten classroom. The following schools offer evening preschool:


Fruit Valley


Hazel Dell








Walnut Grove


If you are interested, contact your neighborhood school or email kendra.yamamoto@vansd.org for more information.

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Social Emotional Learning

Encourage your child (and everyone in your family) to complete a positive sentence, such as:

"One good thing in my life is..."

"Something good that happened today was..."

This is a quick activity to get kids talking and in a positive mood!