Tiny Teddy Trains

by elsie

How to make Tiny Teddy trains

How to make

Tiny Teddy Trains

Ingredients: Milky War Bars, Musk Sticks, Tiny Teddies, Smarties, Liquorace Alsorts, Chocolate (Melted)

Utensils: Pan, knife, bowl(small, large), stove, spoon


1. Place all ingredients in bowl

2.Take small block of chocolate and place in pan and turn stove on

3.Cook chocolate until melted and place in small bowl

4.Take out Milkyway bar and four smarties.

5. Dip the smarties in the melted chocolate and stick on the Milkyway bar.

6.Take out the piece of liquorace alsorts and cut into thirds.

7. Take one third, dip in melted chocolate and stiDck on bar of chocolate.

8.Dip tindy teddy in chocolate and stick on chocolate bar.

9. Dip musk stick in melted chocolate and stick on the front of chocolate bar.

Bon Appitete!


You can put these cute trains on a cake, cupcake and loads more!