Parks' ELL Connections


February is here and so is TELPAS!

All campuses are involved in TELPAS rating and assessment. I will be available for you all and since we are in such a small window, please let me know if you need any additional support. I will be available to collaborate on rating your students.

Writing Collection Window February 16th-March 4th

For all campus raters there will be a time frame check sheet for you to place your writing samples in a folder near your classroom entry. Weekly I will check the sample and make notes of any corrections that may be needed for the collections. The check sheet as pictured on the right denotes Fridays are the due dates, if you need more time please let me know. Please feel free to work ahead of the timeline.

*Remember the writing prompts are to be assigned as a whole class assignment, while only the ESL students samples are collected for rating. For no reason should these students feel they are being isolated or punished.

I have sent invitations for the TELPAS tutorials for all the campuses and I will be collaborating with the campus testing coordinators to administer the TELPAS online reading test.

By the end of this week you will receive your TELPAS writing collection folders and check sheets.

Beginning Feb. 15th monitored calibrations will take place on the campuses, which I will be participating in along side you all. The campus testing coordinators will monitor those sessions.

Angela will act as a hall monitor in most of the testing situations, but she will not be collaborating or participating in rating students, since this must be done by certified teachers of record.

Thank you,

Adelina Parks

SIOP Component #5-Interaction

The video discusses the importance of interaction within the classroom. Definitely puts some perspective on the amount of teacher talk vs. student talk.
Component 5: Interaction

Building Academic Vocabulary with an Interactive Word Wall

Great activity for early finishers or students that might need a brain break while still participating in an education activity.
Building Academic Vocabulary- Interactive Word Walls and Strategies- Grade 7

Resource Idea: Flocabulary-2nd Grade Vocabulary

FlocabularyYT on youtube, has several rap type videos with lyrics to build vocabulary. Warning-the lyrics will be stuck in your head.

Math videos, language arts, and few science videos.

Flocabulary - 2nd Grade Vocabulary - Little Minnie

Language Acquisition Team Schedule

2015-2016 SCHEDULE

Monday-Parks and Trevino @ VRE

Tuesday-Parks @ HVE, Trevino @ VRE

Wednesday-Parks @ VRE, Trevino @ McA

Thursday-Trevino @ HVE, Parks A.M. @VRE, P.M. @ McA

Friday-Parks @ McA, Trevino A.M. @ VRE, P.M. @HVE or McA

Thank you,

Adelina Parks