Just Another Hero

By: Sharon Draper ....Made by: Crystal Wilson

Authors Theme:

Be the brave one who stands up for others
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The conflict are false fire alarms, thefts, a student addicted to prescriptions drugs, victim on online bullying

Man VS. Self....Because there all by there self to figure out these situations


November- Brave- she is brave because she is facing through the incident that happen at at her school and still is managing to take care of her baby

Jack- Smart- Through it all he try's to put the clues together and try to make things work out

Arielle- Snotty - She always full of herself and was always jealous of November

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Douglas High School and the Science Lab
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There is this group of friends that has been through so much, . But, when the fire alarm goes off everything changes everyone assumes that Jack is trying to get out of a quiz or a test .Then one day he shows up in the science lab aiming an AK-47 at everyone. They are also facing problems with cyber- bulling online and thefts there is so much to handle with people taking prescription drugs and over dosing there selves . There's only a matter of time for someone to step up and be a hero.