Dear Reader

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoy my multigenre project. I decided to choose loyalty as my topic because loyalty is very important to me, and there are many lessons to be learned about loyalty in Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales. Beowulf has taught me to not let pride interfere with your decision making, and that loyalty can be tough to find. I chose to do a diary entry first because it was very open ended and I could go any direction I wanted to. The ballad seemed a little more difficult to me but once I started writing it I started to enjoy it. The last one I wanted to try something different so I decided to make a flyer. I feel like I have done a good job describing my different pieces and their lesson because I took time to try to explain each lesson. I thought making sure the website and flyer were eye appealing was one of the more difficult tasks because I am not very artistic. If I did another project like this I would like to try new things like doing a dance.

Piece #1 Description

“What I value most in my friends is loyalty”- David Mamet. Loyalty is a characteristic valued by all leaders. Leaders need to know that they have the loyalty of their soldiers. Almost anyone will say they are loyal if you ask them, but when tested and put through hard times only few will show their loyalty. Loyalty is most needed when people are challenged and need help. In Beowulf he goes to fight the dragon. Many soldiers go with him, but he wants to go alone. All the soldiers pledged their loyalty and said they would help if he needed it. But when Beowulf gets knocked down all the soldiers start to flee. Only one soldier (and my character), Wiglaf, stayed loyal and helped his king. Wiglaf was rewarded for being so loyal and he received Beowulf’s gold necklace and was asked to lead his people.

Piece #1 Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Today is March 16, 562. I share mixed emotions about the day's events. My fellow soldiers and I shared a great victory over the dragon who had been terrorizing our city. By doing so we lost a great man, our beloved king, great leader, and fearless warrior Beowulf. He was a good friend of mine, who I have come to know very well over many years. The day started early this morning at 6 o'clock sharp when the horn rang through the tents. I rolled out of my hay-filled bed and ate a small ration of bread and dried beef. I put on my mail and chest plate, strapped on my sword, and pulled on my helmet. We had a long day ahead of us. I stepped outside of my tent, it was a foggy morning. I could tell all the soldiers were nervous but no one would dare say that around Beowulf. Once everyone was ready we mounted our horses and began our trip. Beowulf led all of us soldiers and we followed in two long columns. The trip was long and exhausting. We rode for several hours and only stopped once. By mid-day we had reached the rocky cliffs where the dragon was nesting. The sun was bright and the heat was pounding down on us. I could barely breathe under all that armour. We waited a little while and looking at the cliffs, could see an occasional cloud of smoke or hear the dragon screech. The screech was ear piercing but it did not bother Beowulf. Beowulf started to talk and everybody listened closely. He was giving a speech about how he would have to fight the dragon alone and he was the only man who could stand a chance. I yelled that I would accompany him and fight by his side as did a few others, but he would not listen to it and declined any attempt of help. We all stood there and watched him walk away from us taunting the dragon to come close. At once the dragon soared into the sky and circled us before he landed right in front of Beowulf. His landing shook the ground and startled my horse. Before too long the battle started. Beowulf approached the dragon and the dragon would breathe fire. Beowulf did all he could to hide behind his shield. As soon as he got close enough he would slash his sword at the belly of the dragon. The dragon was slow to move but his scaled provided great armour. The battle was happening so fast it was hard to see everything while standing in the distance. Next thing I saw was Beowulf taking a stab at the belly of the dragon. His sword pierced the skin and blood gushed out. The sword had broken off in the dragon's belly and Beowulf was weaponless. The dragon retaliated and knocked Beowulf to the ground. Beowulf was not getting up. Panic rose among the soldiers and when the dragon looked at us many soldiers began to flee. One courageous soldier named Wiglaf got up and tried to rally soldiers. He talked about the loyalty we all pledged to Beowulf and that he needed our help. No one would listen so he began walking towards the dragon alone. I did not know what to do, I was so scared. I started to run after Wiglaf. He was a fellow soldier who needed my help and I had to help the King. I had pledged my loyalty to him and could not betray him. I had never been so scared in my life, what chance did I have against the dragon who defeated the unbeatable Beowulf. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Beowulf get up and my courage was restored. It was 3 on 1 and the dragon was already injured. We fought for what seemed like hours, when Beowulf finally delivered the finishing blow that killed the dragon. The fight had only lasted one hour. I had never been so tired in my life. Beowulf was laying on the ground barely breathing. I could see him talking to Wiglaf but couldn’t make out what he was saying. Wiglaf had run into the dragon’s nest as I walked towards them. Beowulf did not look good. When Wiglaf returned, Beowulf gave him his golden necklace and took his last breath. We picked him up and carried him to our horses. By this time most of the soldiers were returning from their hiding spots. We saddled up and began our journey home. The ride back seemed a lot longer than the ride there. It was dark when we returned. We said our farewells and headed to our sleeping quarters. I tied up my horse and went inside. I was dead tired. Tomorrow we will hold a funeral for our beloved king and start building his monument.

Piece #2 Description

Beowulf shows loyalty because he sticks to the decisions he made even when those decisions became tough. Sometimes people make tough decisions that are hard to follow through but their decision will pay off in the end. Beowulf is a great example of this because he doesn’t shy away from anything. He is a strong man who realizes he can’t go back on what he started and always follow through with what he says. Loyalty was also shown by his soldiers when they spread his story of bravery.

Piece #2 Ballad

Beowulf went to fight Grendel’s Mother
He gave a speech and dove in the water

Sunk to the bottom of the great lake

Finally he laid his eyes on her.

Beowulf went after her with his sword

She grabbed him and pulled him to her cave

She scratched and tore at his metal mail

Beowulf kept on fighting, he was so brave

The fight would not come to an end

Beowulf found a magical sword

One final blow was all it took

It was over, he raided her hoard

Beowulf found Grendel and off came his head

He took the head and swam back to the top

The story of his bravery quickly spread

He began to walk with a little hip in his hop.

Piece #3 Description

My flyer represents disloyalty because the pardoner is trying to sell fake gifts to customers. He is disloyal to his customers because he lies to them and gives them false information. He is disloyal to the church because he is pretending to represent the church and give false information about it. It is easy for the pardoner to be disloyal because most of the people believe what he says and don’t question it. Nobody is there to punish him either. It is easy for people to become disloyal when their loyalty is never tested or are punished for it.

Piece #3 Flyer

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