Hard work and Determination

Trace M.


Hard Work and Determination, will lead you to have a successful life.

Jason Montoya

His relation to me is he is my dad. He provided me with the materials to be successful and pushed me to be the best. He also taught me to play the game of football and baseball, the two sports I have been the most successful at in my life so far. He throws passes to me when I ask so I can become the best Wide Receiver and catching.

Amanda Montoya

Her relation to me is she is my mom. She taught me that you can do anything if u work hard and are determined. She gave me confidence be the best batter on my baseball team. When she says I'm the best at something it would push me to be better that the best it pushed me to be great work hard at practice and go to the batting cages more and catch 100 passes at home.

Coach Khun

He's relation to me is he was my old head coach/offensive cornador. He inspired me to play wide receiver and catch extremely well with my hands and with out my chest. He taught the pride group leaders to be great people. I was one out of the 8 pride group leader out of 70 for football. That gave me an edge that I have to work harder if I'm looked at as a leader. He had helped me become a good person and a great athlete.


The main events took place at sports complexes and school sports fields. Some of the places were these sports fields: Norwalk, Pella, Carlisle, Grinell, Newton, ADM, Indianola, I 35, Martinsdale, etc. Back when I played on the West Des Moines Vikings we played at the Valley football stadium a lot.

1 plot event

My dad introduced me to baseball for the first time and I loved it. A couple years later I was old enough to play football and I loved that too.

2 plot event

Once I understood the game of football and baseball thoroughly I wanted to be elite and Improve my skills in both sports so I started going to different camps some hosted my professional athletes some just colleges.

3 plot event

Successfully made A team for both and started for both also. This shows I succeed in making the best teams.