Emilia the Advocate

A Bit About INFJs

The INFJ personality type is very rare, comprising less than one percent of the population, and they can best be described as very idealistic, but also very hard working. INFJs are dedicated to improving the world, even through the smallest of acts, and they take the steps necessary to not just create plans, but to follow through and make large changes. They are very persuasive and eloquent with words, and often enjoy writing or public speaking. While they enjoy making connections with others, they need a large amount of time to recharge and gain energy, which they use to share with others.


  • Creative and inspirational, especially with words
  • Good insight into motives
  • Dedicated and hardworking
  • Altruistic


  • Do not respond well to criticism
  • Private
  • Perfectionistic
  • Constantly want to be working towards dreams and sometimes are not open to the administrative work and upkeep that comes along with them
  • Burn out easily

Ideal Careers: Counseling, psychology, medicine, writing, art, and music

Me & My Results

I think that overall, my results fit do fit me as a person, but that they could fit me better. I have taken this test several times for school and have gotten either INFJ, INFP, or ISFJ every time. I think that I identify with aspects of all three, and they are all very similar, but I probably identify more strongly with the other two. At certain points in my life, I feel like I identify with one more strongly than the other two, but I think that at heart I am truly an ISFJ. In fact, most of the characteristics with which I identify in the INFJ personality type are those that are shared with ISFJ, and I think that I identify more strongly with the specifics of those characteristics in ISFJ. However, that being said, there are several things that describe me in INFJ.

Similar to INFJs, I am rather shy, but am good at getting to know people on a more human level. I also really enjoy writing and try to appeal to people's inner idealists when writing and speaking. Similar to INFJs, I have been told that I am eloquent with words and write fluidly, which is one of the defining characteristics of many advocates. Also, I am very much an idealist and work hard to advance things that I think will help to improve the world. I readily adopt new projects, and when I set my mind to something I try really hard to make it happen. A few other things that I connected really strongly with were the perfectionism, especially in relationships and thinking that something better will come; the extreme privacy and description of oneself as an idea rather than a person; and difficulty in deciding careers because I want to do so many. I think that there are definitely many aspects of INFJ that described me well, but I still think that ISFJ describes me better.